The Toronto Maple Leafs look somewhat impressive

I know it’s early in this shortened season, but the Toronto Maple Leafs look somewhat impressive after two games.  I do not think they’re great, but they’re not exactly bad either.  They seem to have a better work ethic, which I like and admire.

However, they do have a few flaws.  A good example would be when they were passing the puck in  the open spots on the ice in the Montreal game.  I do not like this style of play at all.  I prefer the players to pass the puck right on the tape of their teammate’s stick.   When you pass to an open side of the ice, you risk losing the puck to your opponent and giving them a possible scoring chance.

The good news for the  Leafs is that they have been able to keep their goals against down so far.  One  of  the reasons is goaltender, Ben Scrivens.  In Montreal, he made 21 saves and made 18 saves in the Leaf’s home opener against Buffalo.  Scrivens has a 1.53 goals against average and a .929 save percentage so far.

Toronto out shot the Canadiens 26-22 in a 2-1 win.

They lost to Buffalo two nights later by the same score, but not from a lack of trying.  “We  had our fair share of chances,”  said  Leaf’s Head Coach, Randy Carlyle in the post game press conference.

What happen was the Leafs came up against a brick wall between the pipes.  His name is Ryan Miller.  The Leafs couldn’t get anything by Miller in the first two periods.  Not even on a five on three power play.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Nazem Kadri spoils the shut out for Sabre’s net minder, Ryan Miller.

Nazem Kadri, who scored the Leaf’s first goal of the season in Montreal, took the shut out away from Miller by scoring a goal with less than two minutes to go in regulation.  Toronto thought they’ve tied it up seconds later, but the goal was disallowed because a Leaf player punched it in with his glove.

I am a bit disappointed with Phil Kessel.  Yes I’m aware he has two assists under his belt, but he has no goals on ten shots.  Mikhail Grabovski’s line has also been silent and they will face Sidney  Crosby and company tomorrow night in Pittsburgh, which might make it tough for both players to generate some offense.  The only other question I got is who will be in goal for the Leafs.

All in all, it looks as if he Leafs may provide some excitement in this shortened season.



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    I’m doing the best that I can guys.

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    I don’t understand. I write two articles about the Leafs and I get bombarded with criticism. How come I didn’t this type of criticism when I was covering the Blue Jays or the lockout?

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      On the contrary, just trying to help you achieve your dream of becoming a sports writer. I assume anyone in the position of hiring a writer would look for certain qualities. Correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, not to mention proofreading, being among them. Now go out there and achieve your dreams!

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