Philadelphia Phillies: New suds or studs, trades

The offseason highlighted a number of questions for the Philadelphia Phillies, and one was answered by Ben Revere.  What type of 162 do you expect from him and Michael Young?




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Baseball-Fix Schedule

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Revere Singles during his 4 for 4 Sunday With 3 Runs Scored on August 26 in Texas.

Revere Singles during his 4 for 4 Sunday with 3 Runs Scored on August 26 in Texas.







Select One of Each:

My review of Young yields a .300 campaign, batting mostly between Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley.

The 2 deals involved Young, Revere, Vance Worley, Josh Lindblom and Trevor May. My predictions for them in the poll are explored from many angles, but there are also bits of information that are only available to those behind the curtain. That said, most fans have a valid opinion on the swaps with the Twins and the Rangers. So, of the 5 well-known players that changed organizations, mark the appraisals you are most strongly in agreement and disagreement with.

Young’s batting history:

  • .306 (2003), .313 (2004), .331 (2005), .314 (2006) and .315 (2007).
  • .284 (2008), .284 (2010) and .277 (2012) for even-numbered campaigns.
  • .322 (2009) and .338 (2011) during odd-numbered tours.
  • His at-bats for 2012 were 275 (DH), 163 (1B), 101 (3B), 56 (2B), 16 (SS) and 1 (PH).

There are reasons to expect a comeback from Young, because he hit .313 in the final month after fixing the mechanical issues that had dogged him during ’12. However, the above records indicate he has reemerged every other year since ‘09. Also, stars usually perform at a high mark when they join a new club, and they have a strong desire to prove their former team wrong. Although he is 36 with questionable defense, he is adequate in the field and will only play 1 position instead of 4.

Revere hit .294 with 40 pilfered sacks in 49 attempts for 2012. As a rookie during ‘11, he averaged .267 with 34 stolen bags in 43 opportunities. If he is in the front of the order, he will shine during those starts, because he will be surrounded by talent. However, he may be in the 8 hole which would make things more difficult with fewer good pitches and his low on-base percentage.

Worley reminds me of J.A. Happ when it comes to escaping jams during his first two summers before the league caught up with him. Worley was either laboring through an injury, which caused his stats to drop last season, or his weaknesses were exposed. And the AL is more offensive with the designated hitter. However, his new home park is cavernous, and the junior circuit is not familiar with him.

Lindblom worked in a bigger yard and not at the backend of the game for the Dodgers. He achieved a 2.73 ERA (2011) and a 3.02 ERA (2012) in Los Angeles (NL). However, he had a 4.63 ERA in a smaller park during mostly the 7th and 8th innings for the locals. That stated, he will toil in another small stadium but not during the late frames.

Minor-League Statistics:

  • May went 10-13 with a 4.87 ERA last year for Double-A Reading.
  • He was 10-8 with a 3.63 ERA for Single-A Clearwater in ‘11.
  • Tyler Cloyd went 12-1 with a 2.35 ERA last summer at Triple-A Lehigh Valley.
  • And he was 6-3 with a 2.78 ERA for Reading before that (‘12).
  • Worley went 5-2 with a 2.31 ERA at Lehigh Valley in 2011.
  • He was 1-3 with a 3.77 ERA at Lehigh Valley in ‘10.
  • And he went 9-4 with a 3.20 ERA at Reading before that (2010).

Supposedly, May regressed during 2012, increasing his ERA by 1.24 after a promotion to Reading from Clearwater. It also could be due to his inability at the higher level. Double A is major-league caliber talent that has to be polished. By comparison, Worley and Cloyd were not projected to reach Philly but May was.


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Stud performance measurement for the poll:

  • Young has to average almost .300.
  • Revere has to bat .290 with 40 swiped sacks.
  • Worley needs a 3.90 ERA.
  • Lindblom has to produce a 3.90 ERA.
  • May needs a 3.90 ERA at Double-A New Britain.

In order to be a stud, the player needs the above results or a very close outcome. If he cannot come within a few points, he gets the suds. The wait-and-see answer is a pass.


Young Drills an RBI Double during the 7th on August 5 in Kansas City.

Young Drills an RBI Double during the 7th on August 5 in Kansas City.

Stud = a solid 2013
Pass = not predictable
Suds = a beer-league season

Worley Loads up a 4-seam Fastball at the Bank on August 28 against the Mets.

Worley Loads up a 4-seam Fastball at the Bank on August 28 against the Mets.



Lindblom Dials up a 4-seam Fastball in the 9th at the Bank  on August 29 against the Mets.

Lindblom Dials up a 4-seam Fastball in the 9th at the Bank on August 29 against the Mets.



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Philadelphia Phillies: 2012 ERA for the NL East at final game 162

Philadelphia Phillies: 2012 ERA for the MLB 5 at final game 162

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