Two five-star recruits that the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets thankfully missed out on

I know it’s the off season and we are still about ninety-five (95) days away from the start of college football season, but recruiting and all of the melodrama that goes along with it has now reached epic levels well past the February national signing day.

The must-have prima donna recruits often referred to as “five stars” constantly insist on red carpet treatment, much like a modern day rock star.  These recruits have exceeded those lofty measures with their recent antics that has caused quite a stir among coaches who choose to reach out and embrace these must-have players.  How do you like them now?

Even after all of the adoration, media attention, and coddling that has been expended by college coaching staffs along with their recruiting budgets, these entitled players are still not satisfied.  Apparently a few of these program changers according to the so called experts have now decided to become the gift that keeps on giving.  Instead of getting ready to lead their respective teams to a certain BCS Championship game appearance this season, it turns out they are so unhappy about where they decided to go to school that they want out of their letter of intent.

Apparently they were rushed into making a decision about where to attend college claiming they only had a meager four (4) plus years to look around and decide their future.  So the question is; were they rushed or are they just going through buyer’s remorse?  While the recruiting media covers their pity party 24/7 I have a different interpretation; they are throwing a tantrum because the spotlight was officially turned off after national signing day ended and they are now just another name on an eighty-five (85) player roster.  Boo hoo.

What I really find perplexing about all of this nonsense is that the 132nd best guard in the country back in 2009 that was rated a meager two stars by all of these same recruiting experts just leapfrogged over that entire 2009 twelve (12) stars recruiting class (I just added up all the five, four, and three stars recruits to create that formula) and became the # 1 selection in the 2013 NFL draft!  Kudos and congratulations on a job well done and then some!

When Eric Fisher decided to attend Central Michigan and play football he didn’t show up on ESPN’s signing day extravaganza playing musical hats as part of the razzmatazz intrigue to let everyone know where he was going to school for the next four years.  He just quietly faxed in his letter of intent to the Chippewas then went about working very hard to show those folks that really mattered he was an exceptionally good football player.  Correction; an Outstanding Player!

My hunch is that the recruitment of Mr. Fisher back in 2009 was nowhere on the level of attention or the costs expended by Florida State University and Coach Jimbo Fisher (no relation) in wooing the # 2 rated outside linebacker in the country for 2013; Matthew Thomas into becoming a Seminole.  Or at least for five minutes back on February 6, 2013.  Now this five star future hall of fame candidate wants to go play at USC for Lane Kiffin or become an UGA dawg.  I will not express my opinion on either of those two options.

This same scenario is occurring for Coach Brian Kelly and Notre Dame with their five star prized diva recruit; Eddie Vanderdoes.  Coincidentally he too was another # 2 rated player in the 2013 class at DT.  Maybe there was something in the fluoride levels introduced into the drinking water of these five stars for the 2013 class.  The EPA should immediately look into this matter.

However, before any taxpayer dollars are expended in this situation it appears one of the recruiting services already had the answer to this sudden change of heart.  Listed under the category of “player evaluations” it said that Mr. Vanderdoes needs to improve on; “change of direction.”  Go figure!  Talk about having the vision of Nostradamus.  Obviously he has that skill set down pat based on his recent backslide indicating that now he too wants to go play football elsewhere.

While the speculation for this “Change of Direction” decision has been hotly debated, the one rumor that I find the most interesting (okay; entertaining) is that Notre Dame had the temerity to announce that Mr. Vanderdoes was going to sign with the Fighting Irish before poor Eddie had an opportunity to publish that news himself.

I don’t know if this premature release ruined his long time plans to sit down and play musical hats or perhaps some other innovative selection game, but apparently Eddie was extremely upset and has been simmering longer than a good Irish stew ever since his college announcement was hijacked by those Fighting Irish.  Now he is back on the market and looking to balance out the scales in Los Angeles with the aforementioned Matthew Thomas by considering UCLA and making Coach Mora the happiest coach on the planet not at Disneyland.

While the entire recruiting world is watching this drama play out and waiting to see if these schools will cave in and placate these “kids” by letting them become free agents without any loss of eligibility, my thoughts are focused at the other end of the spectrum.  I’m wondering which school signed the next Eric Fisher?  I’m hoping it was Coach Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech.  Well one thing is certain; Diva recruits, I meant to say five star recruits, create more drama every year.  Go Jackets!

  • JasperJacket


    Nice to see you back. Sorry that your site has attracted some of the troll population that I was hoping would not appear here. “Eric Fisher” below makes for great LOL text messages directed at him I’ll bet!

    Anyway your analysis of top rated recruuits has merit, unfortunately all too often they do turn out to be a bust on and off the field. GT has had a few of them, not many for sure but none the less we have not escaped bringing in over rated and over hyped high school phenoms ourselves, all schools do.

    Unfortauntely the entire collegiate game has transistioned into a business not a sport any longer and the effects are not that positive IMO from conference to conference and classification to classification. Recruiting services, cable TV shows extolling the merits of HS players, web sites dedicated to recruiting scores & analysis, etc, it’s all about generating revenue for someone, too bad way too many people spend their hard earned money on those things and live and die by who commits to whom, and eventually who signs where!

    It’s all just a lot of noise until Saturday’s in the fall begin and the games are played. Looking forward to reading your blogs this fall about the Jackets, your insights are great and most enjoyable.

    • Michael Goldfeder

      Hi again Jasper Jacket,

      Welcome back to isportsweb. Those five (5) stars are just tons of fun to follow, but not as much as those “trolls” who seem to make the rounds on the various sites. Anyway you’re correct; It all comes down to what you do on Saturday in the fall. In the meantime, these recruiting sites have created a cottage industry for themselves by attracting the rabid college football fan’s attention year round. Or at least for a meager $8.95 per month.

      I have another recruiting post coming out early next week that should dovetail quite nicely with the players who have recently indicated that they are going to become Yellow Jackets in the next class. Or at least they have said so for now. No doubt as always there will be plenty of last minute recruiting drama.

      Glad you enjoy the articles.

  • Eric fisher

    I went to Western Michigan you douche

    • Mike

      Hi Eric,

      Welcome to isportsweb. Odd, I can’t find you anywhere playing for those Broncos. Apparently the real Eric Fisher must have put you out of football during a MAC game. Were you one of those highly rated Five Stars recruits that we never hear from again?

  • Jordan Hill

    National Signing Day is the most overblown day in sports for so many reasons (overdramatized, features 75% players you’ll never hear from again, etc.). I used to be completely wrapped up in it; I bet I couldn’t name 5 of ESPN’s Top 100 players from this past recruiting class. Get back to me when you’ve earned the attention on the college gridiron!

    • Mike

      Hi Jordan,

      The national signing day for college football recruiting is just fun to watch as most of them never do pan out as projected. However, it keeps the interest of college football going year round and provides much entertainment.

      • Shaq

        Dear Eric,

        I’m glad you went to Western Michigan and are proud of it. From what I’ve heard that’s where the real men…oops douches go to college. No wonder the Summers Eve was constantly out of stock at all the stores. Now it makes sense!!