New England Patriots sign Tim Tebow

new england patriotsThe New England Patriots have signed former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow to become the third-string quarterback behind Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett.

Tebow was drafted in 2009 in the first round by the Denver Broncos. The head coach of the Broncos at that point in time was Josh McDaniels, who is now the offensive coordinator for the Patriots. Tebow will have the opportunity to sit back and learn the position from Brady with no pressure of having to have an immediate impact.

Last season many thought the New York Jets just about ended Tim Tebow’s career. Rex Ryan and former general manager Mike Tannenbaum refused to give Tebow a start last year even with the awful play from Mark Sanchez. Tebow played only 77 offensive snaps last season and only threw 8 passes for 39 yards. He ran for just 102 yards on 32 attempts and was held to zero touchdowns for the season. What seemed like it may be the end of one of the most publicized careers one could have in 3 years is now reborn. Bill Belichick, who was reported to “hate” Tim Tebow, has given him a chance to revive his career.

Now Tebow will have a chance seek revenge when the Patriots host the Jets in week two (September 12, on Thursday Night Football). Last time Tebow played the Jets on Thursday night he was a Bronco and came from behind to beat the Jets 17-13. Tebow beat the Jets with 58-seconds left, capping a 95-yard touchdown drive with a 20-yard touchdown run. I’m sure the mastermind in Belichick is already drawing up plays to get Tebow into the end zone when they meet in week two.