Does Mark Sanchez give the New York Jets the best chance to win?

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Nick Mangold thinks Sanchez gives Jets best chance to win.

Center Nick Mangold of the New York Jets spoke publicly this week about the Jets’ quarterback competition. Mangold said that the majority of the  Jets locker room believes Sanchez should start and gives them the best chance to win this season.

Sanchez is competing with second-round draft pick quarterback Geno Smith from West Virginia. Two weeks ago a report from the Jets locker room came out that Sanchez had “lost” the locker room and that most of the Jets players believed Smith should be the starter week one.

Should Mark Sanchez be the starting quarterback? Four years ago in the 2009 NFL draft, Sanchez was chosen 5th overall by the Jets. In his four years,Sanchez has never completed over 57 percent of his passes in a season and has never thrown for over 3,500 yards in a season. Sanchez has at least 20 turnovers (interceptions and fumbles) in 3 of his 4 years as the starter.

Many Jet players and fans still hold onto the back-to-back AFC championship games Sanchez led the Jets too. However, those seem like a decades ago. Sanchez had a worse season last year then he did his rookie season in the NFL. He had 28 turnovers, the same as his rookie year, 13 touchdown passes (only one more then his rookie season), and his total quarterback rating last season was the worst of his career (23.4).

The Jets may be saying all the right things in the locker room, but I think it is about time to change the signal-caller. Smith brings much athleticism and a big arm that Sanchez does not have. In Smith’s 3 years a starter at West Virginia University, he never threw for more then 7 interceptions in a season, and never fewer than 24 touchdown passes.

The bottom line  for the New York Jets is; will Rex Ryan use his last chance to keep his job on the quarterback that got him into the position he is in now? Or will Ryan decide that Geno Smith can be the quarterback that saves his career with the Jets?


  • http://isportsweb John Ali

    To truly evaluate Sanchez the Jets need to up grade their team with some offensive weapons. Then we can make a fair judgement on his Jet future. You have great insight please keep up the good work

  • Corey Frankosky

    It’s hard to tell at this point. I honestly think Geno has a higher ceiling but that Mark has finally been put into a system with an OC and QB coach where he can succeed. The problem for the Jets will come down to WR/TE/RB play as well because our WR situation is awful.

    If the Jets go get a veteran FA WR then they will put their QB in a better position when the season rolls around. If we can have Holmes, Hill, Kerley, (FA), Obomanu, Gates/White then that will be a good position for us moving forward.

  • NCJetsFan

    Yes… He gives them the best chance to win the #1 pick in the draft.

  • steve

    You equate West Virginia University to the NFL. You sound very knowledgeable.
    Bring us more of your wisdom.