Pittsburgh Steelers: Is the end near for Troy Polamalu?

For a long time now one of the most familiar names that has been associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers is Troy Polamalu. From his outstanding plays on the field to his long, curly hair that flows behind him, the safety has become a face for the Steelers. There’s no doubt that Polamalu has had a hall of fame career thus far but could this be the last season we see him in a Steelers’ uniform or even in the NFL?

Polamalu is one of the best safeties to ever play the game. His style of play is unique, risky and extremely fun to watch. Polamalu has made some of the most memorable plays in Steelers’ history. The Steelers definitely don’t win the super bowl in 2005 and 2008 without Polamalu’s spectacular playmaking abilities. However, in recent seasons Polamalu hasn’t been the same high flying, stellar playmaker Steeler nation has come to love.

NFL.com has recently been posting lists of overrated and underrated players for each NFL team and David Dameshek, writer for NFL.com, said Polamalu is currently the most overrated player for the Steelers. The key word is currently. If you look at Polamalu’s career from an overall stand point it’s easy to see that he is Canton bound when he calls it quits. Currently though, Polamalu hasn’t been the same player he used to be and that’s mainly because he hasn’t been on the field enough to do anything about it.

Polamalu has fallen victim to injury plagued seasons, missing 22 games in the last 4 seasons. This included last season when he missed multiple games with a calf injury that he suffered in week 1. Despite returning in week 4, he aggravated the injury and didn’t see the field again until week 13. This is becoming a regular occurrence for Polamalu, something no player wants to get in the routine of.

Injuries start to add up when you play in the NFL and they are starting to become a big concern for Polamalu. If he continues to sustain injuries and miss significant time during the regular seasons it makes sense for the Steelers to part ways with the beloved safety. Not only should the Steelers let Polamalu go if he can’t stay healthy, Polamalu himself should consider his health and maybe hang up the cleats all together.

This upcoming season Polamalu claims to be feeling good but it’s early and once the season rolls around that could all change. If Polamalu does suffer another key injury this upcoming season, don’t be shocked if this is his last season in the steel city or the NFL. Steeler fans don’t want to see Polamalu wear another jersey but also don’t want to watch the team struggle in the secondary because they’re clinging to a injury prone safety. We’ll see what kind of season Polamalu has this year and perhaps if there is still a lot of gas left in his tank then we could see the “Flying-Hawaiian” around a little bit longer.