Green Bay Packers: Time for Brett Favre to come home

Green Bay Packers

Brett Favre (Photo Credit: AP)

Almost five years ago, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time was traded to the New York Jets.  The divorce between Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers has been well documented.

The Packers had Aaron Rodgers as the future of the franchise and were tired of Favre’s constant indecision about retirement.  In 2007, Favre and the Packers had a magical year. Favre broke Dan Marino’s career touchdown record, and broke John Elway’s career win record.  The Packers finished the regular season 13 and 3, and reached the NFC Championship game against the New York Giants.  As we all know by now, Favre’s last pass as a Packer was intercepted by Corey Webster, and the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl.

During the previous four years, Favre had hinted that he might retire after each year, only to come back after training camp.  After the 2007 season, Packers General Manger Ted Thompson did not want to deal with the retirement circus.  He gave Favre until the 2008 NFL draft to decide whether to return or retire.  Favre decided to retire.  The Brett Favre era in Green Bay was over, and the Aaron Rodgers era was set to begin.  But in the beginning of July, Favre changed his mind and decided he wanted to come back.  The Packers said no and traded him away to the Jets.  The trade rocked the football world.  When you thought of the Packers, you thought of Brett Favre.  It didn’t seem right to imagine him playing on any other team.  Not only that, but the relationship between Favre and the Packers was over and has not been fixed since.

After the 2010-2011 season, in which Rodgers and the Packers won the Super Bowl, Favre decided to retire, for good.   Three years from now, Favre will be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  That is the main reason why the Packers and Favre should make amends and have Favre retire his Packers jersey.  In the past few months, the signs of a reunion have started to emerge.  Packers CEO Mark Murphy has said the team wants Favre to come back to Green Bay.  Favre has admitted that the break up between himself and the Packers was his fault.  Favre has also said that he expects Aaron Rodgers to break all of his passing records.  If that doesn’t sound like a guy who wants to mend ways and come back to his family, I don’t know what does.

It is time for Favre to come back to Green Bay.  Favre coming back would heal the wound that was left after he was traded.  It would also make for a heartwarming story.  Maybe Favre and his favorite wide receiver Donald Driver, who retired after this last season, can retire their jerseys during the same game.  Whether that happens or not, I know one thing for sure: Brett Favre should be in the Packers Hall of Fame before he is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  All it takes is cooperation between Favre and Thompson, and Favre will be back home where he belongs.

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  • Al

    We can all pontificate over what should happen, or how things should have gone down, but the fact is, it was just an ugly divorce. And you just don’t remarry your ex in such situations. You may have had a lot of nice children together, but it can’t be the same anymore. When Favre left, us fans just said goodbye. He’ll never be loved as he once was. Just ask anyone who actually lives there. I have!

  • Anthony

    Stopped Watching the NFL when Brett was robbed of a trip to the SuperBowl because the corporate powers that be wanted the “feel good story New Orleans Saints” there for higher ratings. Sorry, that is another issue I guess. Green Bay fans were tainted by the media and many still are. Time for “some of you” to grow up and welcome Brett back with open arms. I will watch him in the HOF :)

  • Mary

    I’m sick of hearing how whiney Packer fans are. Not sure who ya’all are listening to, but I’m a diehard fan from day one and will ALWAYS love the Packers. I’m a Favre backer as well – never lost faith in him, even as a Viking. I did NOT like that he went to the Vikings but he was still wanting to play and Thompson threw him out. So . . . . yes, time to bring him home! He didn’t do anything more than any other player who still wanted to play. Brett brought life back to the team and those teams brought the Lombardi Trophy back where it belonged.

  • Rowzell

    Packer fans have proven themselves to be nothing but whinny, mean spirited, selfish, ego maniacs to the rest of the NFL Football Fans.
    They all seem to forget that they and their team were a laughing stock…. until a Hillbilly brought them back from the dead.
    I always felt that the retirement talk was always his reaction to media and fan criticism and his way of begging for front line & receiver help. And year after year it went unanswered to the point in 2005 that instead of a great receiver, they drafted his successor. Stop and think at your job, what kind of message that would send to you!
    Now 2008, he wants to come back…. you said no Green Bay. He does not quit, you fire/trade him. Any position or job out there, this says we no longer want you, go away.
    STOP, go no further, nothing else he does from that point on changes his past in Green Bay. No one complained when he was a Jet. Even when in the beginning of 2008 he was killing it, no one was hating. Then 2009.
    You sent him away and now you complain that the reason you hate him is he went to a rival company that did want him. Oh and with a team of talent that he had not known for years in Green Bay, he played like the Hall of Fame player he is. Oh, almost forgot, @ 40..
    Now all anyone hears from the poor Green Bay fan is how horrible he was. How over rated, how lucky you are that he is gone and you just want to forget about him. He owes you the apology. You people are pathetic. I have heard Green Bay fans say that it just is too much to bear that he went to your rival… fired him, you sent him away and said we do not want you anymore.
    Green Bay fans need to GROW UP. Understand that you do not buy the soul of your players, you rent their talent.
    Brett Favre did a LOT for you. All you had to do was enjoy it.
    Say thank you, say we appreciate what you did while here.

    Show some class…..


  • Brian

    wow, such haters. I’m a Packer fan since I was born (1964). Been through good and bad. I was an open and vocal Packers fan when others were wearing bags on their heads to the games. One thing I know for sure is: I’m not perfect, make lots of mistakes. Another thing I know for certain: YOU’RE NOT PERFECT EITHER.

    Brett was an important part of the Pack getting back to being America’s Team. Brett is one of the best QB’s to ever play. I don’t think any sports player should ever be put on a pedestal, none deserve worship, and few qualify as role models. So, beyond that, recognize what he was part of.

    Harboring ill-will is not healthy for you. If your carrying a grudge for 5 years, you are admitting to being rather petty and immature. Use this opportunity to grow up a little. Be the bigger person. Bottom line: get over yourself, your not that important.

  • Ken

    I wonder if Brent has a new following with his tv gig coming up.

    Everybody wants to forgive except for those of us who had to put up with him.

    Try again in 5 years.


    • Al

      True Dat!

  • thomas

    STAY HOME!!!!!

    • dave

      YOU STAY HOME!!!!!