San Diego Chargers announce training camp schedule

The San Diego Chargers have recently announced that training camp for the 2013 season will open to the public on July 25th.  The practice will be from 9:30-11:30 am and will include all of the Charger players, new and old.  New head coach Mike McCoy has been saying that this year’s training camp will be intense and all fans are encouraged to come watch.  Hopefully, this new energetic attitude will be a sign of a new Chargers team that is coming to play this season (unlike the one that scored 6 points against the Cleveland Browns last year).

San Diego Chargers

Eric Weddle at practice (K.C. Alfred / UT San Diego)

Additional training camp dates have been announced as well:

Friday, July 26 (3-5 p.m.)
Saturday, July 27 (9:30-11:30 a.m.)
Sunday, July 28 (3-5 p.m.)
Thursday, Aug. 1 (9:30-11:30 a.m.)
Monday, Aug. 5 (3-5 p.m.)
Saturday, Aug. 10 (9:30-11:30 a.m.)
Monday, Aug. 12 (3-5 p.m.)
Saturday, Aug. 17 (9:30-11:30 a.m.)

Attending camp and parking at the facility are all free so every Bolt fan is more than welcome to come see the team play.  The Chargers will also hold two practices exclusively for season ticket holders on Wednesday, July 31 (3-5 p.m.) and Friday, Aug. 2 (3-5 p.m.).

Aside from practices, Charger fans can also go to FanFest presented by Bud Light, which takes place on August 3rd at Qualcomm Stadium.  This event, which runs from 10:55-12:50 am is a great experience for fans to get some food and even a few autographs if they are lucky.

Two players to watch at camp: Manti Te’o and Keenan Allen

Of all the new and familiar faces coming to Chargers Park on the 25th of July, two that will be looking to make the biggest difference will be rookies Manti Te’o and Keenan Allen.  Both were considered first round prospects, yet both fell to later rounds of the draft for different reasons. They now have to prove their worth in the NFL and show why it was a mistake to pass them up.

San Diego Chargers

Manti Te’o (Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports)

Te’o was considered one of the best defensive players in college football last year because he posted incredible statistics. He was the second player in Notre Dame history to have 3 straight years with 100+ tackles.  However, in the National Championship game, Te’o was a non-factor.  He was criticized as a player that was only able to play well against bad teams.  This would be a huge problem in the NFL because every team will be much better then any team in college.  Te’o now has to show his critics that he really is a hardworking tackle machine.  This process should start from day 1 at camp.

Keenan Allen is a very talented wide receiver. He was the number 5 prospect coming out of high school and was successful in college aside from his injuries.  This injury history is the reason that Allen didn’t go higher in the draft.  Allen now joins a receiver core where he will enter fairly low on the depth chart (behind Alexander, Floyd, Brown, and Royal).  He will have to work incredibly hard to prove himself and to earn time on the playing field.  He has already told the press that he wants to be a starter, so look for him to turn heads from day 1.

For more information about the Chargers training camp visit the Chargers website


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