Getting to know the Denver Broncos rookies: Sylvester Williams

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Sylvester Williams (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Defensive tackle Sylvester Williams clearly made his impression on the Denver Broncos, being a 6-foot-3, 313-pound defensive tackle from North Carolina. After his one season at Jefferson City High School in Missouri, he said he was done with football and was working in a factory after graduation. Clearly Williams wasn’t satisfied with that and decided to play for Coffeeyville Community College. After his second season he was able to start for North Carolina in 2011. In the 12 games of his senior year he had 13.5 tackles and six sacks.

The Broncos were looking for an inside pass-rusher who is quick off the ball and they have something with Williams. Even though the Broncos were second on defense last year, having a solid, motivated player like Williams is just what they need.

He will most likely be a valuable sub after they re-signed Kevin Vickerson and added Terrance Knighton. However, he has been making great strides with the help of fellow DT Derek Wolfe who has been his mentor.

Wolfe, who was drafted by the Broncos last season, has said that Williams “[has] a ton of potential and he wants to learn…When we’re lifting he’s with me and on the sidelines he comes over and he stands by me. He’s really good at learning and he’s doing a really good job.”

Williams need to work on learning how to read offensive lines at the professional level, which he has said he wasn’t use to. He says he’s use to “reading the play before I react to it. [I’m] use to being in college where I can read what a guy is doing where as [at the professional level] they can kind of hide what they are doing.”

As he becomes more comfortable with learning the professional style offense he will be more comfortable using his hands more, which is a key area that Vickerson said he needs to work on.

Williams knows what he has to do saying, “You have to focus more on technique than you can on athleticism and talent.”

Williams says that he’s continuing to watch tape and work hard to learn.  It’s also great to see that guys like Vickerson and Wolfe are really trying to help new players like Williams succeed.

  • Audrina Williams

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  • Matt Balderston

    Make sure you spell someone’s the correct way throughout the article, and a bit more homework would be nice. Derek Wolfe was a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and was a Bearcat. Not a Tarheel as this article seems to indicate. Other than that, good work.

    • Jaclyn

      Fixed Matt! Thanks =)