The Baltimore Ravens have a chance to hoist more hardware

Baltimore Ravens

Vince Lombardi Trophy (Photo credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Baltimore Ravens have been relatively quiet this offseason after their outstanding playoff run earlier this year. But the team could make some noise at this year’s ESPYS on July 17 on ESPN.

The Ravens are up for “Best Game” for their unforgettable performance in the 2013 Divisional Playoffs in Denver, as well as “Best Team”.

Individually, Joe Flacco and Ray Rice have a chance to take home an ESPY of their own. Joe Flacco’s exceptional night in the Superdome earned him a nomination for “Best Championship Performance”. And who could forget Ray Rice’s 4th and 29 against the San Diego Chargers in Week 12? That run got Rice a nomination for “Best Play”.

So how do the Ravens match up against their competition?

In the “Best Game” category, the Ravens are up against the Boston Bruins for their Game 7 win against the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Miami Heat for their performance in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to force a “winner-take-all” Game 7 against the San Antonio Spurs. Although the other two games are unforgettable, the Ravens played one of the most memorable games since the team’s NFL debut in 1996 and the team could be a frontrunner in this category.

Unfortunately, the Ravens may not be as lucky when it comes to their “Best Team” nomination. The Super Bowl champions are up against the gold medal winning US Women’s Gymnastics Team, World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, BSC National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide, Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, NBA Final Champion Miami Heat, and NCAA Women’s Softball Champion Oklahoma Sooners. All of the teams nominated for this category have a great success story that coincides with their team’s name. With all of the competition in this category, the Ravens’ chances may not be as high as many hope. Thankfully, the six teams that do not win the ESPY for this category still have a championship win under their belt this year to help cope with the loss.

This NFL season has awarded the quarterback Joe Flacco with a Super Bowl victory, a Super Bowl MVP title, an unprecedented six-year contract, and an ESPY nomination for “Best Championship Performance” alongside NBA MVP LeBron James, NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski and World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval. The quarterback has worked hard to prove himself since entering the league in 2008, but his MVP performance in Super Bowl XLVII has put him in the forefront of this competition. The race will most likely come down to Flacco and James, but the quarterback has a good chance of edging out the NBA star forward to win the ESPY.

Ray Rice’s nomination for “Best Play” is an outstanding honor, but he will have to fight it out to win against fifteen other contenders. But don’t count Rice out. His 4th and 29 run is one of the most impressive plays on the list of sixteen.

The Baltimore Ravens lead the NFL with the most ESPY nominations this year. On July 17, the team may have the opportunity to add to the award collection in Baltimore.

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