Starters for Duke Basketball in the 2013-14 season: Quinn Cook

Going int to the 2013-’14 season, the starting point guard for the Duke Blue Devils will be Quinn Cook.  Cook is a junior this year and made huge leaps forward last year, his first full year as the starting point guard.  He will be the only upperclassmen in the starting lineup, and will be counted on to be a leader of this team.

Cook is a point guard that has an abundance of talent and who runs a team effectively.  Last year he learned how to organize the team and help them in any way he could. He had to understand night in and night out what this team needed from him and he got pretty good at it too.  Looking at his stats from a season ago he had games where he had more than 20 points and other games he had more than 10 assists.  This shows you the impact of Cook and that he did what his team needed of him.

Everything he did last year, and everything he learned, will help him be the leader that the Blue Devils need.  They need someone to step up and be the leader this year.  They lost three seniors, two of whom were on the championship team in 2010.  Replacing their leadership could be the biggest challenge.  This will start with Cook because he is the point guard and an upperclassman.  He will be the voice that this team hears the most other than coach Krzyzewski.  He will be the most important player for this team early in this season as the team learns to play together.

Duke Blue Devils

Quinn Cook(Photo Credit:Rob Carr/Getty Images

Cook has a great game, but still needs to improve it for this year and to succeed at the next level.  Early on in this season he will have to be more aggressive for this team to be successful, whether it is creating shots for his teammates or getting his own shot.  He will also need to be there for his teammates during the hard times of the season, during loses and late in games.  He has the most experience with the ball in his hand when they need a basket and Duke will look to him to make the right call at the end of the game.

Cook also needs to learn how to split defenders and start going to the hoop instead of going sideline to sideline.  This is something that will help his game and every one of his teammates, because it will free them up for open shots.  This might improve if he improves his own shot.

The last thing Cook needs to improve on is his consistency, whether it is his shooting percentage or his assists per game.  Some games he shot around fifty percent, and others he was under forty percent.  That is something he needs to improve on.  The other area is his assists.  Those are going to be more important to him because he will be the guy to make this team go and get their offense started.

The impact of Cook will be second to none.  He will be the guy to get the team going and he will be the guy who they will rely on this season.  He will be the leader of this team and he will have to be the coach on the floor and help the younger players to understand the situations at hand.  His role will be the most important to the success of Duke this year on the court.

  • John

    He must move his feet more on D. He has a really hard time keeping anyone in front of him. He improved so much during the course of the year in this area though. Quinn really played some great D later in the year. But he had no hope against the Louisville guards because of their quickness, and a little work on his footwork would go a million miles towards helping in those types of situations. The other thing I noticed is that he worries WAY too much about screens. I don’t know how many times I saw him back off his man, looking backwards at the screener, trying to decide whether to go over the top or go under. He would take himself right out of the game because he was so preoccupied with how to deal with the screen that he would forget his job was to defend the ball. I think I saw some improvements there as well as last season went on, but I really hope Scheyer will see this on tape and coach Quinn to stay with the ball even if he gets knocked out. God knows Jon took a beating fighting through screens, Quinn should too. I think it’s a toughness thing, like being afraid of the baseball, he needs to take a good shot and realize he’ll survive it so he’ll start fighting through instead of trying to avoid screens.

  • David


    I enjoyed the info and analysis in your last two columns, but you need an English teacher and Duke graduate like me to proofread your writing. Call for specifics.

    516 484-0204

  • Bill

    His arrogance is the biggest drawback to his success. That was evident in the away Maryland game.

  • http://none artie

    Cook’s biggest area of needed improvement is his decision making. He needs to show he knows where to get the ball and when. Last season teams were content to let Cook dribble around between the circles to no effect for Duke’s Offense. Opponents were also happy to let Cook drive and shoot, knowing that Duke wouldn’t beat them with Cook shooting them out of the game and not getting the ball to the Duke teams better scorers and offensive weapons.

    Cooks defense is also inconsistent, maybe Wojo will work with him before the season and get him to play tenacious, persistent defense, every time down the court.

  • Anonymous Nupe

    But…this piece didn’t really tell us anything. I was expecting to read something I didn’t already know or that wasn’t 100% obvious.

  • KS

    With a starting lineup of Cook, Suilamon, Hood, Parker, and Jefferson/Hairston, I feel that Cook is the most important player defensively. It’s a lengthy, athletic team that will probably switch everything and press hard. Cook will have to be able to press opposing point guards; otherwise, this defense won’t work.

  • Ken

    I agree defense is equally important and with the new rule changes coming Quinn
    will need to move his feet instead of using his arms defensively but so will everyone else. A good back up guard will be important if the refs make the calls. Go Tyler…

  • Mike

    Love Quin but he also clearly needs work on his on- and off- the ball defense too!