Starters for Duke Basketball in 2013-14 season: Rasheed Sulaimon

This coming season, the starting shooting guard for the Duke Blue Devils will be, without a doubt, Rasheed Sulaimon.  He will be more experienced as a sophomore which will benefit him greatly this season with Duke.  He will have a huge impact for Duke by giving them another option on offense and is able to guard multiple positions on defense.

Sulaimon is going to be a big part of this starting lineup on offense and defense.  He will be one of the focal points of the team this year and be another guy who can create his own shot.  On defense he will be a focal point in guarding multiple positions when they switch.  He will also be looked upon to take on a more of a leadership role for this team.

As a freshman Sulaimon was a starter and played very well for a freshman.  It could be argued that he had more of an impact and played better than Austin Rivers did in his freshman year.  He was asked to start in his first year at Duke, and he came through and played well the majority of the year.  This should help him going forward into his sophomore year at Duke.

Duke Blue Devils

Rasheed Sulaimon (Photo credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The thing he could improve most is being consistent.  The whole year, as a freshman, he played well but some games he disappeared.  He didn’t always have the impact that he could.  Some games in his freshman year he scored more than 20 points, while other games he didn’t even reach double digits.  This has to change for Duke to reach their full potential; he needs to have more of an impact and be more aggressive because he has the talent to be successful.

Sulaimon also needs to improve on being aggressive with the ball and finishing. He has to stay aggressive so his teammates don’t have the defense focus on them. Last year he only attempted ten or more free throws in a game twice. That number needs to go up this year.  He needs to be more aggressive in his game, which leads to more contact, which leads to more free throws.  He also must work on his around-the-basket game- he can’t blow easy layups this year if this team wants to compete for a championship.

Sulaimon will also have to improve moving without the ball.  This is something that could also help him be more aggressive with the ball.  He needs to have the defense respect him on the offensive end whether he is the main focus for that play or not, and also try to backdoor his defender when they are helping or just watching the ball.  This will help him take his game to the next level and make him a better player this year.

Sulaimon will have a bigger role this year for Duke.  However, he will be backed up by Andre Dawkins, which will give him more rest so he can use more of his energy while on the court.  Dawkins is a capable backup to Sulaimon, and hopefully will push him to become a better player on the court.  Sulaimon will have a bigger impact this year for Duke and will be in the starting back court with Quinn Cook.

  • Martin

    Nice article. Another plus with Sulaimon is his passing ability. He has nice awareness and makes good decisions in a split second. His aggressiveness causes the defense to collapse, allowing him to drop a dime to his teammates.