Dallas Mavericks waive Bernard James

Dallas Mavericks

Bernard James had excellent per-36 numbers last year with 10.3 ppg, 10.3 rpg and 3.0 bpg

Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks were forced to doing something they didn’t want to to do on Saturday and that’s waive 2nd-year center Bernard James.

James, the 28-year old from Florida State, showed the Mavericks and the rest of the league his potential with excellent per-36 production last year with 10.3 ppg, 10.3 rpg and 3.0 bpg.

The Mavs hope to resign James when he clears waivers, but fear that he will be picked up by another team. James averaged 2.8 ppg, 2.8 rpg and 0.8 bpg last season and started 11 games for the Mavs.

The Mavericks only owed James $788K, but had to remove his salary-cap hold to complete their signing with Monta Ellis.

James was slated to come off the bench this season, behind the Mavericks newest signing in Samuel Dalembert. He was also suppose to dominate the summer league, according to Rick Carlisle, but only played in the opener before he was waived. He ended the game with two points, nine boards and three blocks.

The Mavericks can still pick up James if he’s still available, but after the 48-hour period after clearing waivers, James will become a free agent, therefore, wiping out the $788K they would want to pay him.

After this week and the signing of Dalembert, the Mavericks are also still in the running for former number 1 pick, Greg Oden, along with the Heat, Spurs and Pelicans.

Cuban and the Mavs have been at it this offseason, with three new starters to go with Dirk and Shawn Marion for the second straight year. Along with Dalembert and Ellis, the Mavs also signed Jose Calderon. The trio replaces Chris Kaman, O.J Mayo and Darren Collison, all who signed one-year deals last year that resulted in the team missing the playoffs for the first time in 12 years.