Pittsburgh Steelers: Is Mike Tomlin in the hot seat?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin (photo byrneafterreading.com)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going into their seventh year under head coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin and the Steelers finished last season 8-8 and are heading into this season with many questions. One of the biggest questions swirling is in regards to the Steelers’ head coach and his job security.

The 41-year-old Tomlin has led the Steelers to two Super Bowls, winning one and losing the second, and has led the Steelers to the playoffs every season except two, including this past season.

I would say right now Tomlin is not on the hot seat, but that could easily change.

In Pittsburgh, the Steelers are always expected to win and when they don’t it’s obvious. The Steelers were very disappointing last season after starting 6-3 and then collapsing to lose five of their last seven games including a three-game losing streak that crushed their hopes of making the playoffs. And after each loss we heard Tomlin give almost the same speech every time, “We know what we did wrong and it’s up to us to fix it.” Unfortunately the Steelers were unable to fix their problems: the defense could not create turnovers, the offense could not score points, and it seemed like the team was crashing and burning.

This season could be the deciding year for Tomlin; if he is able to sturdy the rocking ship and guide the Steelers back to success then there should be no problems in Pittsburgh. But if the Steelers have another season like last year where the running game was nonexistent and the quarterback and offensive coordinator have to be separated on the sideline then there is a strong possibility for change in Pittsburgh.

The key for a successful Steeler season is simple; they need to play Steeler football. They need to run the ball successfully which will take pressure off of their star quarterback. And they need to get after the quarterback and force takeaways on defense. If that happens then it should be a good year in Pittsburgh and for Mike Tomlin.

  • PA Veteran

    Funny one comment says about black coaches, well in my opinion it isn’t about black or white or who can win and win now, and Tomlin has proven hes not that type of coach, the Rooneys hired him because of their affirmative action policy, they had to because they authored that rule, is he a good coach? hell no, but its not because of the color of his skin, its because he never had enough time to evolve through the ranks, will we go anywhere this year? who knows but I say its highly unlikely, unless Tomlin has gotten some wisdom during the off season, before long we shall se, and I hope we don’t see the undisciplined team of the past.

  • Jenny Craig

    I don’t know, the last super-bowl we won was forever ago, and that season was marked by the strength of superior defense, that of which kept scores low and allowed Ben to construct just enough points to win games with his ever collapsing o-line. Since our defense has barely stepped up since and can no longer hold leads for our always-struggling offense, we’ve not been able be consistent. Do these problems all fall on Tomlin? Probably not, our defense continued to get old, and the Steelers as an organization had failed to solve the o-line issues.

    One thing I will never forgive Tomlin for, and this is why you should ever fire a head coach or put him in the hot-seat, was how they approached the playoffs the year before. From the point of San Francisco on, they should have sat out all their ailing starters, including Big Ben because we already earned a playoff spot. However, in pursuit of home-field advantage, the opposite occurred and most those players were just plain ineffective against Denver. This is just plain poor decision making. That would have meant at least a month of rest and recuperation, healing for a team that was just plain beat-up at that point and it would have respected the fact that players on this team needed to rest, not played to any fears or weaknesses. Was I alone in this view? I think every commentator, publication asked these same questions amongst themselves and to Tomlin as well and no answer given was satisfactory. Ben limped his way through San Francisco, as did so many other players, and Denver plain embarrassed us, even made Tebow look like a superstar…

    That kind of decision making is foolish and in my own opinion, warranted Tomlin getting the boot that year

  • Bryan

    Tomlin is a joke. Riding the coattails of his predecessor. Its funny how he was so successful with all Cowher’s player and now they are getting older the Steelers don’t look as good. Cowher had a couple of bad years so I am willing to see how Tomlin does. I am tired of hearing the same speech and sunglasses. I just want to bring back Cowher.

  • Joey

    No way, especially with the lack of black head coaches in the league right now.

    • MillikenSteeler

      What? Did I just see you give the reason for NOT getting rid of someone is their skin color? I want Tomlin to stay actually however, when I saw your comment I wanted to point out the double standard.

      I want to see how this year turns out as Iike how we removed some personel from our team that had the me only mentality. I like our draft and I think our UDFA’s were the best class we have ever selected. We shall see. Lets play some football!

  • Scott Flynn

    Brent, I am right there with you. Does the guy who wrote this even know anything about the Steelers? Tomlin is their third coach in over 40 years, Tomlin has taken them to 2 super bowls and the playoffs 5 out of seven times. The only coaching job that is more safe in the NFL are coaches who have been hired this year.
    Hey, Tyler, send me your address, and I will mail you a quarter so you can buy a clue!

  • Eli

    God willing Steelers will be in the playoffs this year. Last year, lack of running game, wallace starting a show by not showing up in the beginning, not closing out games, and can’t forget injuries…that was last season. Pittsburgh Steelers will be the hot topic coming this december. See you in the playoffs.

  • Brent Morrow

    No way is Tomlin on the hot seat. I love how people forget Cowher had three losing seasons in a row.

    • Mike

      Cowher had 2 consecutive losing seasons once (1998 7-9 and 1999 6-10), never 3 in a row. In 2000, he went 9-7, missing the playoffs for the 3rd straight season.