Daniel Alfredsson’s impact on the Detroit Red Wings

After staying with the Ottawa Senators since being drafted in 1994, Daniel Alfredsson and the Senators have parted ways. Earlier this month, Alfredsson signed a one-year contract with the Detroit Red Wings.

Swedish former Senators captain, Alfredsson, is joining a Detroit roster which has eight other Swedish players on it as opposed to only three other Swedes on Ottawa’s roster. With the high amount of Swedish players on Detroit’s roster, that is one aspect in which Alfredsson will easily fit into the atmosphere of the Red Wings’ locker room. Alfredsson (40 years old) may also have a stronger sense of belonging in Detroit where their roster consists of a lot more age.

Alfredsson’s move is most likely due to his aspiration to win the cup. The Red Wings have consistently been a contender in the Stanley Cup playoffs for the past couple decades.

“Thoughts started creeping in. I’ve played 18 years and haven’t won a Stanley Cup,” Alfredsson stated.

What will his impact in Detroit be?

Daniel Alfredsson, former Ottawa Senators captain, celebrating a goal.

Daniel Alfredsson, former Ottawa Senators captain, celebrating a goal.

Alfredsson will be able to add extra leadership and experience to an already experienced Red Wings team. Detroit has a very European influence in their style of play. By that I am talking about the finesse and fluidity in which they play as opposed to the more traditional grinding, North-South, style of hockey. Alfredsson, 1108 goals in 1178 career regular season games, is also bringing playmaking skills along with his vast NHL experience.

Although he may be criticized for leaving his home of 18 years in order to have a better shot at the Stanley Cup, it seems that he will have a better impact in Detroit rather than staying in Ottawa. He will now not be required to be a top producer for points like he was in Ottawa. It’s likely that he will play on the second line, but with some success he may replace Johan Franzen on the first line to accompany Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg.

Ottawa’s post-Alfredsson era

Shortly after Daniel Alfredsson signed with Detroit, Ottawa went out on a mission to replace the hole he left in Ottawa. The Senators traded for Bobby Ryan. Of course filling in the role of Alfredsson isn’t an easy one, but Ryan has no interest in filling his spot.

“I don’t think there’s anyone who’s going to take that place,” said Ryan.

With his on and off ice involvement for the franchise and the city of Ottawa, it is unexpected for any player to fill his role. Ryan will continue to do what he does, become a consistent play-maker.

All-in-all this is a new opportunity for Alfredsson to have a strong shot at a Stanley Cup with a talented and experienced Detroit Red Wings team, and the Ottawa Senators to move on and look towards the future of their franchise.


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