The “other” Kansas Jayhawk freshmen

Much has been made about the arrival of Andrew Wiggins on the campus of Lawrence, as it should be. The Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year is extremely gifted. Many felt that if Wiggins was able to enter the NBA Draft this year he would’ve been the first overall pick. Dare we say it that he might even be the most anticipated arrival since LeBron James. However, it takes more than one player to win a championship. While Wiggins was easily the most talked about freshman, he won’t be the only top player to join the Jayhawks this season.

Kansas Jayhawks

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The Jayhawks have four other guys listed in the ESPN 100. Joining Wiggins in the talented freshmen class for Kansas will be the 6, 14, 46 and 47 overall prospects.

The top ranked center in the 2013 class will be joining the talented Wiggins. Joel Embiid is a legit seven-footer. The long and lanky Embiid is extremely athletic. Embiid has already developed a solid offensive game for a young athlete and can do more than just post moves. Although not with the most graceful form, Embiid can step out and shoot threes and has a fluid mid-range game. One thing that Embiid will need to work on is his shot blocking ability. The Jayhawks will need somebody to fill departing center Jeff Withey’s role as a defensive stopper and Embiid will need to improve his shot blocking to be that guy. In his senior year, he averaged just 1.9 blocks per game. Like most seven-footers he’ll also need to add some weight to battle in the post.

In addition to Embiid, 6-foot-5 Wayne Selden will also be with the Jayhawks this fall. Selden is has a long wingspan and a great frame for such a young athlete. By comparison, Ben McLemore who starred for the Jayhawks last year was the same height as Selden but was 30 pounds lighter than the forward from Boston. Selden brings good range with him as well as the ability to drive the ball to both sides of the floor. One thing Selden lacks is athleticism. At his height and length Selden doesn’t quite have that freak athleticism that his wing-mate Wiggins has.

The last two freshmen in the ESPN 100 who will join Wiggins this fall are Conner Frankamp and Brannen Greene. Frankamp is a lightning quick point guard who will look to compete with Naadir Tharpe for the starting point guard position. Frankamp is a smart basketball player with tremendous passing ability. Greene brings great athleticism and three-point shooting ability with him to Kansas.

Adding four top 100 prospects to talent like Wiggins is a formula the Jayhawks are hoping leads to success. It’s true that one player can’t win it all on his own, but adding four talented stars around the top player like Kansas has done is a great way to start.

  • Aaron

    My god this article was terrible… Have you done any research on these recruits?
    Selden=unbelievably athletic. Crazy passer. Built like an NBA player. Can drive and shoot.
    Frankamp=pure shooter who if he works on handles enough can be a solid guard but at the moment is a pure shooter.
    Plus you left out one of the most underrated guards and still a key piece in our recruiting class, in Frank Mason

  • NinjaRoach

    Okay!!! Wayne Selden’s Ball Is Life Mixtape is titled, “6’5 Wayne Selden Is KANSAS Bound! Super Athletic Guard Who Can Do It All! Official Mixtape!”. The within the first ten seconds of the video, you see Selden dunking with his head just below the rim. I’m assuming its opposite day, so here we go.

    This is the most well-written and informative article I’ve read today and I feel better about myself for have taken the time to read it. The author of this wonderful piece is not only a credit to his profession, but a credit to the human race.


  • John

    You have done no research at all? Wayne Selden is VERY athletic, a lot more athletic than Greene. You don’t see greene flying above the rim for poster dunks like Selden. Also, Frankamp’s at his best when hes shooting, not passing. Embiid does need to step in with shot blocking for Withey, but that’s one of his main skills. I have more confidence in his ability to block shots than score. Also, where’s Frank Mason? I know he wasn’t a top 100 recruit, but I’ve heard many people say he is one of the most underrated recruits in the country. He is a playmaker, a true point guard. A lot of people even think he will start over Tharpe. I can’t see that, but I think he will definitely play and have an impact on this team. This article was not researched much at all.

  • dante

    Wayne lacks athleticism? have you even seen the kid play? this whole article is terrible and i am mad at myself for reading this. your an idiot. Do some research because you clearly don’t have your information set. Give up on yourself.

  • sanch

    Say Selden doesn’t posses athleticism and that greene does. Selden is much more athletic than greene.

  • Patrick M

    Calling Frankamp a “smart player with tremendous passing ability” is a compliment but totally ignores his best trait which is his shooting ability. Anyone who has actually watched him play would clearly see that right away.