Minnesota Vikings training camp brings progess into 2013

Bill Musgrave

Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator, Bill Musgrave (Photo by: Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune)

“Minnesota Vikings: Training Camp”

In the early stages of training camp, excitement is building. Training camp marks the first time the stadiums are filled with the new pads and jerseys before the real action starts. With the early stages of camp underway, there comes a sense of tension among rookies trying to prove themselves to the veterans who are trying to stay in the game they love.

However, this isn’t the case with the Minnesota Vikings in 2013. The veterans have embraced the new guys and are bringing them unselfishly up to speed on their team knowledge.

The coaches are happy with the improvement some of the new guys are making. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave had this to say about upcoming receiver Adam Thielen’s spectacular snags:

“We have seen some flashes from Adam, he makes some spectacular catches, he made one yesterday where he took it off of the top shelf, really elevated and made a great catch and he has done that consistently. We have seen good things.”


He also had this to say about Christian Ponder‘s growing natural tendency to look to Kyle Rudolph due to their familiarity with each other:

“There may have been and I think they probably do have more time on task, a better rapport not only because Kyle has been here longer but also because of more work in training camp last year when John(Carlson) didn’t play in one preseason game.”


I am intrigued about this relationship and I believe ESPN reporter and wife of Mr. Ponder, Sam Steele will become jealous soon. Ponder has proven his favoritism towards the sure handed Rudolph up to this point. As they work everyday for another year they should be completely on the same page and will be a threat to every defense in the league. The Vikings have been notoriously bad for covering tight ends but now they are unleashing their own weapon on offense.

Many guys have showed promise, especially Joe Webb also received a lot of praise from his offensive and special teams coordinators. Musgrave added this about the receiver getting more work at his new position:

“He has got some details to iron out. I smile when you ask about Joe because there is another team player. Joe is working on his trade, which is now as a wide receiver and getting him in and out of breaks, the depth of routes, being dynamic, being explosive, getting of of the lone of scrimmage when the corners are up there in his kitchen. He is working at it. He is the same guy everyday, a little bit like Phil Loadholt. Joe has an aura about him, he is very positive, he is willing to work and he is willing to study.”

Vikings special teams coordinator, Mike Prieffer added this about Webb’s development in the return game:

“Yeah, I went back and looked at a lot of tape again from the spring, towards the end of the summer when my family was asking me when I was leaving for training camp because they can’t wait till I was out the door. But just looking at all of the stuff that Joe did: he can run, he can jump, he can move. He is not as quick as a Josh Robinson, but he doesn’t have to be. He is taller, and maybe stronger.  There are some things he can do. He can play some gunner, punt return, and kickoff return for us. There are a number of things he can do and we are going to try him out in preseason and see what he can do for us.”

Joe Webb is one of those guys the team loves to have around. I believe his ability to bring the perspective of a quarterback into the receivers room can add to his athletic contributions. The receiving core is already working together as an unit. Veterans are helping the rookies and vise versa. Vikings fans should be on the edge of their seats with excitement for this receiving core’s development from a rather bare group to a solid unified group who rely on each other.

Cordarrelle Patterson

Cordarrelle Patterson showing off his hands. (Photo: Sports Cards Uncensored)

Cordarrelle Paterson has been impressing coaches with pure ability and size he brings through the door, especially coach Prieffer:

“We had him ranked as one of the top returners that were coming out of the draft last year along with Austin, the kid coming out of West Virginia, we mentioned in the spring. I was very excited(about drafting Patterson). He is such a talent. He is big, strong, can run, and is a coachable kid; a good kid. Well, he came for one of our top 30 visit guys before the draft. I had to evaluate him on tape and saw all of his returns and studied them. But you’re exactly right: he walks into the room and fills up the doorway you’re like, ‘wow that is a big man!”

With the Minnesota Vikings training camp underway there comes injury. In 2013, Receiver Greg Childs has been placed on the PUP (physically unable to perform) list with an # injury. Defensive back Nate Williams has joined Childs on the list.

2013 Minnesota Vikings Training camp updates will be made on this site as they come so look no further.