Starters for La Salle Basketball in 2013-2014 season: Tyreek Duren

La Salle Basketball

Tyreek Duren (Photo Credit: Dean Hoffmeyer/Richmond Times)

Tyreek Duren will be one of La Salle’s starting point guards this season.  The senior brings with him two years of experience and a shooting consistency the team needs.

Duren is going to be a huge part of La Salle’s offense this year.  In the 2012-2013 season he was second in points behind Ramon Galloway with 484.  He averaged 14.2 points per game.  The junior was the only Explorer to start in all 34 games.

Duren always seemed second in line as Galloway took a majority of the spotlight this past year, but for the upcoming season the pressure is on.  Coach Dr. John Gianni said, “Tyreek is poised to become one of the best point guards in the A-10 and the nation.”

Striving to be the best and setting records is nothing new to the Philadelphia native.  In his freshman year Duren set the school record for most steals by a freshman with 62. This past year he scored a career-high 24 points versus Villanova.  Duren was also named Second Team All-NABC District IV and Second Team  All-Philadelphia Big 5.

Duren’s biggest strength is his quick thinking and ability to make smart shots.  At six feet tall he isn’t one to do any crazy dunks, but he instead find holes in the defense, drives through and makes a bucket.  He also adds a calm demeanor to the team, never seeming to get too startled or very emotional.

His speed is another factor that has allowed him to become number one in steals for La Salle.  These steals will continue to turn into easy points as Duren still has teammates Tyrone Garland and Sam Mills to pass the ball off to.

Duren will have to step up as a leader this year for the Explorers to stay fired up.  The team will no longer have Galloway’s spunk and character that has helped drive the team.  Duren will also have to continue to push himself to be a lead scorer in order for La Salle to continue their success.

Although Duren may not be as spirited he is very comparable to Galloway.  But this year it will be Duren in the spotlight as he will play a much bigger and highly anticipated role for La Salle basketball.

  • Steve McGonigle


    Tyreek Duren will be a Senior this upcoming season, not a Junior. References to last year being his sophomore year, or his bringing two years of experience into this season are incorrect. You may want to double-check your sources and update this article. As FYI, the goexplorers web site still has roster, player profiles and statistics reflective of last season (2012-13), and has not yet been updated to reflect new information for the upcoming season. Perhaps that’s where the misunderstanding developed. Best of luck in your writing this year!

    • Rachel Finkbeiner

      Thank you so much. I know La Salle hasn’t updated their website for the 2013-2014 season. What through me off was espngo still listing Tyreek as a junior and the fact that he only has two years of stats. But I definitely need to do some more double checking! Thank you again!