Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant back too soon?

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant visits fans in Shenzen, China (photo credit: nikeinc.com)

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant visits fans in Shenzen, China (photo credit: nikeinc.com)

While on a promotional tour for Nike in Shenzhen, China, Kobe Bryant revealed he has “shattered” the timetable for his recovery. He went on to further state that only three and half months into his recovery, he can already “walk just fine” and is able to lift weights with the Achilles.

In line with typical Achilles injuries, the initial timetable placed on Bryant’s recovery was six to nine months. For Lakers fans who have followed Bryant’s career, that seemed a bit overstated.

Whether it has been a worn down knee, dislocated shoulder, or fractured finger(s), Bryant has repeatedly shown a propensity to recover faster than any timetable could predict and learning of his ahead-of-schedule pace isn’t surprising.

Bryant’s fury and determination to overcome any challenges, both personal and physical, are central themes to his legacy. However, should fans be concerned that perhaps Bryant may be pushing himself a little too hard this time around?

Logically, the clearcut answer is a resounding yes; especially when considering the relatively grim outlook for the Lakers next season.

By the time the 2013 NBA season begins, Bryant will be 35 years old and entering his 18th NBA season with an astounding 45,000 minutes logged.

However, when sports are involved, logic often is thrown out the window and fans root with their hearts, at times to a detriment. Admittedly, that may be true with this article.

That being said, until Bryant is successfully defeated when he should be, it is nearly impossible to count him out.

Echoing that sentiment, renowned NBA analyst and Twitter provocateur Chris Palmer, predicted on July 22 that Bryant would win the 2013-2014 NBA scoring title and finish second in the MVP race.

At his age and with the amount of minutes he’s logged, the fact that Bryant remains in the discussion as one of the top players in the league is nothing short of remarkable. You’d be hard-pressed to find another NBA player with Bryant’s wear and tear who is still capable of playing at such a high level.

There’s no denying Bryant will be back in 2013 and if history is any indication, there’s no doubt he will continue proving the naysayers wrong.