New York Knicks’ Paul Pierce: Time for Nets to ‘start running’ NY

New York Knicks

Coach Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce (Photo credit:

As if the first clash between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets on December 5th wasn’t enough to get fans pumped, excited, and on the edge of their seats, new Nets small forward Paul Pierce has recently expressed his utmost hate for the Knicks, adding more fuel to the already rabid flames.

The Truth’s hate against the crosstown rivals existed for more than a decade, while playing for the Boston Celtics. But now the former Celtics star expresses his uttermost disdain for the opposing team, making it recently known to all on a radio interview that he doesn’t intend to share the big city.

On ESPN 98.7 FM’s the Michael K Show, Pierce says “I think the hate [for the Knicks] has grown a little. Everybody knows how much I disliked the Knicks when I was with the Celtics, but I think it’s time for the Nets to start running this city.”

Could this cause a little tension between Pierce and Smith?

Just a few days ago the Knicks star admits that although the Nets possess a better roster as well as look better on paper, the Knicks will always be the marquee team of New York.

While there is some truth to what Smith is saying, there may be some truth to what Pierce has said about the Nets running the city. Lets analyze the Net’s roster.

Given that Garnett, Pierce, Johnson, and Williams remain healthy in the upcoming seasons, they can pose a threat to their crosstown rival.

Here’s why: Johnson can put up 16 points a game and posses great shooting abilities. Williams, on the other hand, showed great improvement the second half of last season. Then we have veteran star Kevin Garnett, who can bring great defense and can hit perimeter shots. Lastly, we have the ten-time All-Star Pierce who can close the deal with his strong ability to make big time shots. Lets not forget 7-foot Brook Lopez, who can dominate the post at times.

Now if we put all four shooters, Johnson, Williams, Pierce, and Garnett on the same court at the same time, that without a doubt would pose a great threat and become a big deal. In addition, it’s possible that the Nets will be considered in championship conversations in sports critics and NBA types, but it all depends on how they perform this upcoming season.

  • Shodon

    Paul Pierce is out of his so called mind!!!! Hello!!! your not in Boston any more…
    New York Fans don’t just roll over because some rich guy puts up a new arena or that they just picked up two prime time NBA players, it may work in Miami or Boston, but your in New York Now!!!!! we are Diehard Fans, we don’t roll over for any team, you may think your going to change who the fans will cheer for, don’t hold your breath, You’ll never convert a real New York Fan, we are the best fans in the world, and not to mention loyal!!!!!
    Dream on Mr. Pierce!!!!zzzz

    • Vern

      I agree! Pierce just had to say something. He didn’t even say it with any conviction. The Nets are going where they always go. “No Where”