Houston Rockets: Will Patrick Beverley replace Jeremy Lin?

all threeDuring the NBA season of 2012-2013, superstar Jeremy Lin was signed as the starting point guard for the Houston Rockets. It was his first season with the Rockets, along with James Harden, and Lin averaged 13.4 points and 2.9 turnovers per game.

With the addition of Dwight Howard, the team will now have 3 huge talents to build around: Howard, Harden and Lin. However, it is predictable that Howard will be dominating the post, leaving open opportunities for shooters; therefore, it is best for Head Coach Kevin McHale to surround his superstars with players who can both limit their number of turnovers and are capable of knocking down three point shots.

The Rockets have a championship roster but without a solid point guard, the offense will not be as effective. Lin’s habitual turnovers have become a drag for the team. They were forced to deal with the mistakes and hope for improvement but they can only take so much.

The team has tried Harden at the point, but you’re lying to yourself if you think Harden is a point guard. Harden is best at the two spot: he’s a scorer, not a facilitator.

Someone needed to step up and someone did. Second-string guard Patrick Beverley proved he could elevate his game and lead the offense while subbing for an injured Lin. Not only was Beverley able to lead the offense, but his statistics also show he was better in steals, blocks, turnovers, and shooting percentage.

Coach McHale loves for “The Beard” (James Harden) to take over; he makes things happen and can fill it from anywhere. But if you haven’t noticed, in just about every possession Harden holds the ball for at least half the shot clock. He is the type of player that benefits from having a true point guard on the floor with him and Lin is not the guy for the job. Come crunch time, both Howard and Harden will realize they want the most consistent players on the court with them.

Houston may benefit from Patrick Beverley, he has proven himself to be more effective with less playing time than Lin. It is only a matter of time before coach McHale realizes Beverley will be the foundation of his offense. Slowly but surely, Beverly is pushing to snatch that starting job.

  • ILoveThisGame!

    Whoever says Jeremy Lin should start over Patrick Beverley has no real Basketball I.Q. & probably never played the game besides Rec Ball. Ms. Rayo made a key point & obviously knows the game just for elaborating on this topic, and making the point she did. I’m a Jeremy Lin fan as well yet you guys have to drop your emotions & look at the reality of what it is. Patrick Beverley should be the starting PG next year Hands Down! This was no type of short lived spark @ all check his resume from High-School to becoming a pro. Look @ the mold of the team & he definitely suits the teams style of play, overall structure, and what they r are lacking in the starting offense. Kevin McKale is Old School & comes from a Hard-Nose era of basketball & Beverley is an intense & tenacious defender, unselfish, efficient, & Top-Level European experience to say the least. The only way Patrick Beverley doesn’t start is if the owner sticks his nose in, and ends up having a say so because he adores Jeremy Lin, and obviously paid him a Max-Salary contract which would make his pride come into factor. Jeremy Lin would be such a complimentary Back-Up P.G./6th Man. Starting Beverley equates to a much more powerful, and explosive team which brings more wins to the table, and more successful season! If u want to Basketball lets talk Basketball.

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  • chrisabao

    Another BS article. I think this lady is trying to apply for a spot in Bleacher Report. :))
    Would love to see these haters next season when my boy Jeremy proves them wrong.

  • Basketball Fan

    Another article from another writer using Lin as readers bait.

    Beverley was fresh at playoff because he didn’t get to play much until end of the season. Often in time, rockets’ offense looked lost with beverley in control. Beverley does play hard on defense, but he is not a facilitator. Harden has more average TOs than Lin.

    So to sum it all up, this is another article written just to draw reader for debate, very much the same as Bleacher Report.

    I can’t understand why so many so-call writers like to write about Lin, why not Kevin Mchale or Fransico Garcia. It is because anything about LIn will draw interest from the internet.

  • http://isportsweb.com Andrea Rayo

    Jeremy Lin is great but my argument is Patrick Beverley’s style of the game fits best with that of James Harden and Dwight Howard. For those who don’t agree, I respect your opinion and thank you for the comments.

    • Sumo

      I think stating that you think Patrick Beverley should start over Jeremy Lin is fine. We all respect that. But your style of writing sucks. Without any backing, it’s just a words for the sake of words. I can say “James Harden Needs to be Traded”, but then people are going to say “ok?…why?”. You have to back it up with concrete stuff or at least stuff that will suggest it. You can use stats comparison or quotes from Rockets players/staff. Looks like you’re still a student…you can still grow from this. Get better than this…for our future sake.

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  • stuart chua

    But i agree let Lin play 6th man with second stringers like Omer, Anthony, Monte…, Casspi and Garcia but let Lin run his game for 12 mins. It should be more fun to watch those 12 mins.

  • Phil

    I’m sure the pitch to Dwight Howard went something like this: We want to win a championship with you, James and Chandler. To do this, we will be starting a PG who will be spending the summer at Summer League. Don’t worry…he almost averaged 3 assists per game in the playoffs last year!

  • David

    I don’t understand why everyone keeps mentioning that he is a turnover prone when James Harden turned the ball over way more than Jeremy. 2.9 turnover per game is nothing, even steve nash turns it over… This is article is really bias.

  • Whitney

    Use Lin correctly or let him go somewhere he can thrive.

    When you get a “nice” guy, he doesn’t demand the ball.
    His “niceness” will be his downfall.

    • Zabuza

      Finally.., someone making sense

  • justin p

    come on now it says student meaning she haven’t finished yet leave her alone don’t get mad at her cuase she saying whats on her mind a article don’t have to get long as long as u get yo point across and she do have a good point lin is getting payed all that money and got showed up by a second string pg not taking nothing from pb cus I like his hustle and determination .But with all that he making we could add additional key pieces or pay for a better pg maybe even get my dog lowry back+

  • Jolin

    agree w/ Len

  • Awsome

    Very well said!!!

  • Len

    sigh.. it’s too early too tell babe..and a bit of hypocrisy here. It’s the same argument that people say about lin’s small sample during his linsanity period is not an indication of whether he can maintain that long term. So to be consistent with the logic, why can’t you say it’s still a small sample for patrick to see if he can really maintain that level of play for 35 minutes against real starters. Your current article puts a positive spin toward patrick whereas for lin, most article is about can he sustain and sorta against him. tsk tsk tsk.

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