Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski Coaching Team USA through 2016

Duke basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski is coaching Team USA through 2016 despite saying he wouldn’t return after the last Olympics.  This can be a good thing for Duke basketball going forward or it could cost them some deep tournament runs.  He has the most wins in division one basketball history, so hopefully this doesn’t hurt the Blue Devils the next four years.

This will be the third Olympics for Coach K and he has done well previously balancing the two jobs.  While coaching Team USA over the last eight years, he won a National Championship with Duke in 2010.  This can have immense benefits for Duke in the long run because it has brought his enthusiasm back to the game.  It has probably extended his coaching career in the long run, and made sure that he stayed in the college game for the rest of his career.

This has been an overall beneficial experience for Duke and its fans because it made him have new experiences and worked with different coaches.  It has also made him try new things at times when the team needed them such as a 2-3 defense.  Overall, this has been a good thing for Duke fans and their players that Coach K had the opportunity to do this, but it does take time away from the team. Coach Krzyzewski

The benefits of Coach K coaching Team USA through 2016 is that recruits seem to like that he coaches NBA players.  It shows that he can coach at a high level and that he understands the NBA game to get the players ready for when they enter the draft.  The best thing he might get out of this is that high school recruits see that NBA players like to play for Coach K, which should help him in recruiting.

It is a testament to Krzyzewski that a player like Chris Paul is thinking about playing in the 2016 Olympics just because of him.  All of the high school players who are trying to make their decisions of which college to attend will definitely take notice of Coach K’s accomplishments and popularity.

Even while Coach K coaching Team USA should help in recruiting, it also could hurt in the next few years.  The time he has to put in to coaching Duke and team USA is substantial. Will Team USA take away from Duke? This could convince recruits that they won’t get the attention they need to make them a great player and it could lose Duke some of the top recruits.  This could be a concern with some of the recruits that could be a one and done.

With Coach K’s commitment to Team USA, does he risk of running out of energy when Duke needs it most from their coach?  He isn’t getting any younger; no one knows how long he has left in his coaching career and every Duke fan wants another championship before he retires.

Overall, this should benefit Duke and show recruits that Duke is the right place, because you do get to learn from one of the greatest coaches of all time.  As long as he doesn’t tire out from coaching, Duke should see the benefit of another National Championship.