Heels in the Pro’s: Cinci have Bernard, cut 2 other Heels

Heels in the Pro's

Heels in the Pro’s

If you love UNC Football and follow its former players at the next level there is now way that the stories about Giovani Bernard could have slipped you by. Heck, he has been doing so well in the pre season that Yahoo Sports did a video/article about him climbing up in the fantasy world. You know you are doing something right when that is happening!

On the other hand, still with the Cinci franchise, the news is not as good for two other former Tar Heels. From an article that I read yesterday both tight end Richard Quinn and wide out Jheranie Boyd did not make it pass the first cut. Especially for Quinn, who was a second draft pick in `09, this is definitely not how the young men hoped their season, if not career, would be ending up.

This should be a stern reminder, not just for players coming out of Chapel Hill, but for anyone that plays college sports, that the next step is not a guarantee. And that while in college it would be extremely wise for all lucky enough to be a “student-athlete” to do both parts of the equation, as you truly never know when the latter ends and the former is needed in order to move forward in life.

With the regular season less than two weeks away this is where the hard part arrives for the players that are on the edge of making the teams. Let’s hope that in the coming days we hear as few names of former UNC Football players being called and that as many as possible make it to NFL squads for the 2013 season.