The Dallas Stars defensive struggles: part 1

The defensemen for the Dallas Stars have been a model of consistency lately. Unfortunately, the consistency comes in the form of finding the tape of opposing teams’ sticks. With the help of Sporting Charts’ Turnover Ratio Statistics it is possible to illustrate this to the readers to prove a point.

Goligoski taking a shot against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Goligoski taking a shot against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Alex Goligoski is expected to have an offensive impact as a defenseman for the Dallas Stars similar to his impact last season. Goligoski finished fourth in points for all Stars players last season with 27 (he led assists with 24). Goligoski also ranks pretty high in another category, this one is for all NHL players however.

Goligoski ranked third among NHL players last season in turnover ratio. The turnover ratio takes into account the amount of takeaways minus the amount of giveaways for a certain player. With 5 takeaways and 38 giveaways, Goligoski managed to accumulate a ratio of -35, beating only Rob Scuderi and Dion Phaneuf (Phaneuf has also been highly criticized for his turnover issues, specifically in game seven against Boston in last season’s playoffs).

Of course in the nature of the position (defense), there are bound to be turnovers. To put things into perspective, there were 36 defensemen last season that had a turnover ratio of zero or better. These 36 players were ranked between 207 and 417 among all NHL skaters.

Now for the defensemen of the Dallas Stars…

Jamie Oleksiak had the best ratio last season with -6. Oleksiak ranked 643rd among all skaters last season. The average turnover ratio for Dallas Stars defensemen was -12.25 (including Larsen, traded to Edmonton this offseason, and excluding Gonchar, acquired this offseason).

Part two compares the defense to that of the Chicago Blackhawks.

To view part two, click here.

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