PGA Tour: Should FedEx Cup playoff tournaments be worth so much?

Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose

Henrik Stenson (left) Justin Rose (right)

I have written before about my beef with the FedEx Cup playoff system, but another has arisen for me to pick on. I think it’s something that should be worth noting. For a look at my previous article, just to get in the FedEx Cup-scrutinizing mood, follow this link if you haven’t read it already.

So here’s my issue: each regular-season event is worth 500 points, while each playoff event is worth 2,500, or five times more. Theoretically, that puts everyone within the top 19 in the current point standings within reach of the top spot. Yes, that means Boo Weekley (who’s in 19th) could potentially be at the top with a win this week at the BMW Championship. It is an unlikely scenario for him to jump that high, especially with the quality of players ahead of him, but that doesn’t seem to really compute with me. Weekley sits 2,333 points behind the leader, Henrik Stenson.

Let’s put this in perspective. Major championships are worth 600 FedEx Cup points. 600? I’m not a math genius, but by my calculations, that means all four majors put together do not equal the amount of points of one single playoff event. I will admit that I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to golf, but it seems completely ridiculous to me to think that an event like The Deutsche Bank Championship, (no offense to the tournament committee) where the winning score was 22 under par, would be worth over four times the amount of FedEx Cup points as the U.S. Open where the winner didn’t even break par.

If the FedEx Cup is supposed to be a season-long race, why doesn’t the PGA Tour make the majors worth 2,500 points each and then the final four 600 each? A major championship should be rewarded with a boatload of FedEx Cup points, right? As of now, it’s almost just another tournament if you look at it on paper (from a FedEx Cup perspective). Everyone who follows golf knows what a major championship does for your career, so why not make it worth a player’s while come season’s end?

There are four majors throughout the year and four weeks of playoffs so the same amount of points would be distributed. I would be perfectly content with leaving the final four events the same as far as money goes, because that’s really the only reason they’re there in the first place.

I hope the PGA does some revamping after this year with how points are distributed. I really think switching the point value of majors and the FedEx Cup playoff tournaments would bring more continuity to the season. The system right now seems laughable when I play this scenario in my imagination:

Justin Rose: “Man it feels good to finally get my first major championship out at Merion this year. That was a tough track.”

Henrik Stenson: “Not bad, but I got over four times the amount of FedEx Cup points as you did in my win last week. People are calling me the Stensonator now.”

Rose (because he’s a gentleman): “That’s fine Henrik, you wouldn’t know the feeling of winning a major. Guess you could ask a fellow countryman how it feels to win one. Oh wait….”

If this doesn’t display my point enough then I don’t know what will. For those of you who don’t get my humor, no Swede has ever won a major. It ALWAYS goes back to how many majors a player has won. So if the PGA is listening right now, please hear my plea to make the majors the tournaments worth the majority of the points.