The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping things don’t get Dewey

kansas city chiefs

Dwayne Bowe

Thomas Dewey will forever be known in posterity as the man who was poised to become President of the United States and blew it. His infamy led to Harry Truman’s infamy and the iconic “Dewey defeats Truman” headline. The Kansas City Chiefs will be faced with a similar situation this Sunday in Jacksonville as they open the 2013 season against the Jaguars.

Reasons not to watch this game

It’s difficult to look at the rosters for the Chiefs and Jaguars and see a spot where Kansas City doesn’t have the advantage. On paper, the Chiefs should walk away with this one. That was the same thing Republican advisors told Dewey for months leading up to the 1948 election. Dewey never even left his home state of New York to campaign. The challenge for Kansas City this week isn’t whether or not they are the better team. They are. The challenge is to do the things the better team does in a game.

The Chiefs’ offense should have little trouble moving the ball and scoring points on a Jaguars’ defense that is full of rookies and cast-off journeymen. The Kansas City defense should have little trouble containing a Jacksonville offense that is as dynamic as MJD (Maurice Jones-Drew) right, MJD middle, MJD left. The Jaguars’ uncertainty at quarterback is another arrow that points towards the Chiefs winning this one.  Blaine Gabbert is still stuggling with a thumb injury in his throwing hand. If Gabbert can’t go, then Chad Henne will start at quarterback for Jacksonville.  On paper, this game is hardly worth the cost of the electricity it will take to watch it.

Just in case you don’t read papers

Paper though, as Dewey found out, is unreliable. All the poll numbers showed him with a huge lead. The Jacksonville  offensive line should be improved from last season. If the Jaguars can find a way to get Jones-Drew loose and Gabbert/Henne can make just enough plays, the Jaguars might be able to put up some points. If the Jacksonville defense can contain Jamaal Charles on the ground and limit the opportunities in the short passing game, forcing the Chiefs to throw the deep ball to try open things up, then we might have a game.

All the pressure is on the Chiefs. If they don’t come out and destroy the Jaguars, questions will start to be asked in the media about the future of this team. Even a close win would raise eyebrows. A loss would thrust half the population of Kansas City into a barbecue sauce-induced diabetic coma. Only a big win could be considered business as usual for what is expected of this Chiefs team. Anything less would be rather Dewey.

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