Keys for the Duke Blue Devils against Kansas Jayhawks

The second game of the season for the Duke Blue Devils is in the State Farm Champions Classic against the Kansas Jayhawks.  This will be one of the better matchups this year for the Blue Devils.  This should be a great game to watch, as will the game featuring the Kentucky Wildcats and Michigan State Spartans.

Kansas lost an immense amount of talent from last season’s team, but they are bringing in a great recruiting class.  The recruiting class features the number one recruit according to ESPN in Andrew Wiggins.  This should be a top fifteen team this year and will look to crack the top ten by the end of the season.

The Blue Devils are in what some could consider the same situation, losing three starters from a season ago.  They are also counting on underclassmen this season more so than they have in recent years.  They will start two underclassmen this year and look for a couple more to step up from off the bench.

This should be a good early season game, but no one will know what these teams will be capable of until the end of the season.  Kansas will have athleticism and should be a good matchup for the Blue Devils.  Kansas can match Duke with their athleticism, but Kansas will also have a size advantage.  The Jayhawks will look to exploit their post advantage over Duke and also look to run when they can.  On defense, Kansas will look to try to pack the paint and run the three point shooters off the line.  Kansas will look to exploit the post most of the game.  They will also look to get as many easy baskets as possible.

The Blue Devils will have to look to their backcourt in this game to make sure they play like the more experienced team.  The one advantage they will have is their experience in their backcourt.  The Blue Devils will have to look to run like they will most games this season, but this is a game they will need Marshall Plumlee to be healthy and play well.

Duke will have to look to control the post in this game and not let Kansas get out for easy baskets.  They will have to also turn over this team and make Kansas’s youth a factor in this game.  The Blue Devils should be able to exploit their youth in this game.

This should be a great game to watch as both teams will look to run.  It should be a close game throughout and come down to the wire but because of the experience and it being so early in the season Duke should come out victorious in this game as well.