Potential starter for La Salle Basketball: D.J. Peterson

La Salle Basketball

D.J Peterson (Photo Credit: AP)

Junior D.J. Peterson was a key player for La Salle during their 2012-2013 season.  But this year, will he see much court time being one of three point guards?

Last season, Peterson appeared in all 34 games for the Explorers, and started a total of 18 games.   He averaged 3.9 points a game and was a top player during the Ole Miss game, leading in rebounds and assists.

Peterson’s major competitors for court time this season are senior Tyreek Duran, and transfer Khalid Lewis.

Even with his success on the team, it was unsure if Peterson was going to remain at La Salle.  Last April, it was announced that Peterson was granted a release to transfer.  Peterson’s reasoning was that he wanted to remain closer to home: Minnesota.

Four days later it was then announced that Peterson would remain at La Salle.  Coach Dr. John Giannini made the statement that Peterson’s decision to remain at La Salle was strictly personal and not basketball related.  No more explanation has been given since the Minnesota native decided to remain at La Salle.

The team was very happy that Peterson decided to remain on the team.  The junior adds a lot of skill to the team and pulls through in tight situations.  This past season Peterson’s shooting from behind the arc steadily improved.  This will be his key to getting playing time this year.  Peterson did have one of the highest 3-point percentages on the team at .400, but right behind him is Tyreek Duran at .390 and Sam Mills at .379.

How well Peterson performs defensively will be another factor that determines his court time.  His experience on defense gives him a one-up on Lewis who has had a year to practice La Salle’s full court style defense, but has yet to have the opportunity to implement it during a game.

Whether or not Peterson will be a starter for La Salle this year remains to be seen but his talent and experience adds depth to La Salle which is what they need to be competitive.

  • jun

    peterson is a different player than the guards on the roster at 6-5 but not as fast or able to create his own shot the way the others can. he is smart, plays well on both sides of the floor, gives you good minutes. i dont think he is competing with the guards for minutes, it comes down more to how gianini wants to play. a 4 guard system with peterson being the fourth guard to add some height or a more traditional center-powerforward-small forward-shooting-point with peterson being the small forward? i think you should focus more on why peterson started so many games last year even with only 3.9 points per game.

  • monte teo

    dj is a good player. but this article is flawed. 1 thumb up for minnesotaa

  • Joan F

    He’s a gifted athlete, a true competitor, and a key player for LaSalle. Why not write about him?! Two thumbs up for Minnesota! Great article.

  • RachF

    As a division 1 college volleyball player I will admit Basketball is not my first sport. I take my writing for isportsweb as an opportunity to gain experience in the field of sports journalism. I am trying my best to produce content that is knowledgeable. As I continue to learn more about the game and the team my writing will show that. I appreciate any suggestion or constructive criticism you might have to offer. I will continue to work on producing more knowledgeable content.

  • monte teo

    he is a small forward. why bother writing this? this is the 2nd article you have butchered on this team.