VCU Basketball: Rams build their 2014 class commit list

An “off-season” never really means “off” and from what we’ve seen thus far, this summer has been very successful for the VCU Rams. In these past few weeks the team scored two all-star recruits, Justin Tillman and, most recently, Terry Larrier. Tillman is a strong player standing at 6’8” but what tends to be his strongest characteristic is his wingspan which is said to be about 7’2”. That kind of length and power enables Tillman in being the successful rebounder that he repeatedly is. Those who follow the Rams know they haven’t always had the most consistent rebounds so Tillman will make a great addition. Sheer length gives him an advantage over other players and his natural talent, along with his dedication, makes him the full package. Tillman is also particularly powerful under the hoop with his quick hands and he probably caught Shaka’s interest because he uses the fast-paced style that Shaka stands by. VCU won Tillman over his other offers which included Iowa, Iowa State, Xavier, Kent State, Bowling Green, Rhode Island and Oakland.

Justin Tillman Commits to VCU

Justin Tillman Commits to VCU

VCU also had some great news Monday night when Top-50, Forward, Terry Larrier verbally committed to the Rams. Larrier will be the highest ranked commit Shaka Smart has landed in his career as head coach for VCU. Larrier had a long list of universities that were interested, but VCU scored him over his second finalist UConn. Larrier is a well-rounded player, as he is strong on both the defensive and offensive sides of the court. His versatile skills are no surprise when realizing that he stands at 6’8” and has a wingspan of 6’10”. Larrier’s length aids him in his ability to stretch to the rim and to use his “run and jump” style shooting to his advantage. VCU’s full-court defense can be carried out by Larrier as he has the power, size and proven endurance to perform the type of “havoc” Shaka uses.

VCU Rams

Shaka Smart (Photo Credit: Jonathan Ferrey/ Getty Images North America)

Larrier and Tillman join Point Guard Jonathan Williams who committed to VCU earlier this year. With his lightning quickness, Williams is a skilled, pressing Point guard who runs the court very well. Williams was very vocal with his interest in VCU from the start which shows the passion he has for the program and the area. Williams has the ability to give even more fire to the team then they already have. He can create a sense of pride in all players because his love for the team is already apparent and can only affect the team in a positive way from here. Court vision is also one of William’s strengths and as fans know, this quality will be a perfect fit with leading and executing Shaka’s plays.