Atlanta Falcons: Another big hit

Atlanta's Kroy Biermann is out for the season after tearing his Achilles. (USATSI)

Atlanta’s Kroy Biermann is out for the season after tearing his Achilles. (USATSI)

The Atlanta Falcons have improved greatly over the week considering the cards they’ve been dealt. They’ve been dealing with injuries all preseason with starters Roddy White (ankle), Julio Jones (knee), Asante Samuels (thigh), and linebacker Sean Weatherspoon’s injury during the preseason. These players would have minimal play in the preseason to ensure that they were healthy when the team traveled to New Orleans to play the Saints.

Fast forward to regular season week one and you have all starters healthy enough to play except Samuels but with the new offensive line is missing right tackle Mike Johnson (ankle, fibula). The offensive line is allowing Matt Ryan to get beat up.

Go to week two, five players were injured during the course of the game against the St. Louis Rams. Steven Jackson went out with a thigh injury after the first quarter. Early on, fullback Bradie Ewing went out with a shoulder injury. Then Weatherspoon and White left after aggravating their previous injuries.

And then another big hit; defensive end Kroy Biermann tears his Achilles tendon. In other words, he’s out for the season. This is a devastating blow to Atlanta’s struggling defensive line which now needs someone who hasn’t been on the field much to magically add to a weak pass rush.

As a Falcon fan, I was very discombobulated after hearing the news about Biermann. I was a fan of him. I believed in Kroy…and now he’s gone. The Atlanta Falcons might have to sign some free agents but expect Mike Nolan to make sure Jonathan Massaquoi makes a statement and fills in the empty void.

Mark my words: the Falcons will fully recover from these injuries and keep rising up.

  • lars

    Falcons blow chunks anyway, with or without the injured players. Ryan look’s less mobile than Peyton, that’s horrible. Defense is lucky there wasnt time for one more Rams drive, or falcons would be at 0-2. They will be 1-2 after Dolphins spank em. Isnt it time to address the issue of Offense scoring early, then checking out, and defense just plain checking out, mostly in second half. Is there a coach or two who cant adjust gameplay??????????? Someone should be getting fired abou t5 games in im guessing, and hoping.

  • http://msn Samuel

    If you listen to the beat writer’s in Atlanta the falcons might as well throw in the towel. I think not, however Roddy White is not contributing to this team and he’s still starting. I think Mike Smith and Terry Robiskie are very stubborn. Kevin Cone and Drew Davis can help this team. If not, why are they on the roster? Jaquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling will do well against Miami. The young rookies will step up on this team. I think the defense will be alright, this is where the coaching staff earn their keep. Rise-up!