VCU Basketball: Spotlight on the Rams newest teammates

The VCU basketball team welcomes four extremely talented players that have committed to the Rams for their 2013-2014 season. Adding these new teammates to the undeniable talent already on the team greatly helps VCU’S chance at making the NCAA Tournament once again.

Class of 2013 point guard, Jequan Lewis, committed to VCU over the University of Georgia.  With his 24.9 average points per game, he looks to be a strong ball handling addition to the team. Although Lewis lacks sheer size (6-foot-1) his power and speed make him hard to keep up with. Joey Rodriguez, the Rams’ point guard when they made it to the Final Four in 2011, had many of the same characteristics as Lewis. Based off of the success Rodriguez had under Shaka Smart’s coaching, Lewis looks to have a bright future with the program as well.

Douglas Brooks (Photo Credit: Paul Crate/Ledger Media Group)

Douglas Brooks (Photo Credit: Paul Crate/Ledger Media Group)

Jairus Lyles and Douglas Brooks are the two newest shooting guards for VCU and if the trend isn’t apparent yet, both players have speed, speed, and more speed.

Finishing well at the rim, Lyles plays best inside and has established himself as a quick shooting guard, which isn’t the easiest to find. Additionally, Lyles isn’t one to avoid contact in the lane which will give VCU even more power under the hoop. As fans have seen, Shaka’s dedication to a strong defense is one of the most important pieces of his havoc on the court. Brooks pays close attention to his defensive game and is a high energy player. With 16 ppg, he is a great fit for Shaka’s coaching style.

Finally we arrive to the big man, Antravious Simmons, who has the size and power to be a successful center for the Rams. Averaging 26 ppg, and standing at 6-foot-9, Simmons is a powerhouse inside and makes smart use of his size. One interesting quality Simmons possesses is his patience. He waits for the action to come to him and it enables him in reading the court very well. Simmon’s talented passing game will fit great with VCU because he can move the ball quickly which is a necessity with most of Shaka’s plays, and then he can finish in the low post.

It will be enjoyable to watch these men grow and play in VCU’s program during their upcoming season.