Pittsburgh Steelers: Should the team sign Michael Turner?

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense needs to find a lot of improvements and fast. The Steelers lost to the Cincinatti Bengals 20-10 in week two and it was clear the offense struggled the entire game.

The Steelers, over the course of two games, have only rushed for 75 yards; a pathetic number to say the least. What could help turn this offense and it’s running game around?

turner 2How about the assistance of former Atlanta Falcons running back, Michael Turner?

Turner, who is currently a free agent, rushed for 800 yards and 10 touchdowns last season for the Atlanta Falcons. Turner is a veteran of the game and is definitely an option for a team who searching for any kind of running game.

The Steelers lost rookie Le’Veon Bell to a foot injury during the preseason. Bell was set to be the team’s starting running back when the season started but that was obviously put on hold. The team was left with Isaac Redman, Jonathan Dwyer and LaRod Stephens-Howling. The team then brought in Felix Jones to try and help the backfield woes. When Jones was brought in, Dwyer was kicked out. However, LaRod Stephens-Howling tore his ACL during the season opener which led the Steelers to bring back Dwyer for another go-around.

None of these backs have established themselves as a true starting running back who can get the job done. Jones is the only back who has made a small case that he can handle the job. He’s shown signs of being a good runner and at times can be shifty but he isn’t enough to give this team the boost it needs. Could Turner provide that boost?

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At this point, if the Steelers could swing the money, I say why not? Turner is a big back, a veteran of the game and has put up solid numbers during his time in the NFL. The Steelers are desperate for someone to get the ball rolling in the backfield let alone the offense as a whole. They were willing to give Jones a shot and I definitely think Turner is better than Jones.

There’s no guarantee Turner would produce numbers like he has in the past and it’s probably safe to assume he wouldn’t produce numbers like that if he were brought in. However, if he was able to perform better than Redman and Dwyer, he and Jones might be able to pick up the slack until Bell is healthy enough to take the reins. Turner could also be a solid goal line back, should the Steelers be able to move the ball into the red zone more often.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if the Steelers looked for Turner to provide some help to their lackluster offense, but the Steelers are also hard-headed at times and definitely feel like their running backs at the moment can still make something happen. That remains to be seen. The Steelers need some help and Turner could be that help.

  • Brittany

    He a good player he win a lot of game

  • Brittany

    Tell the steelers fan want mike tuner we need him so we can win more games

  • Matt

    I think about a third of the NFL teams, including Atlanta, are completely wrong in thinking Michael Turner is washed up. Atlanta’s blocking is what’s washed up. Steven Jackson will do no better this year than Turner did last year. I really wish my Cardinals would bring him in as I think he’d be better than Mendenhall as well. Turner is a beast and can still move well.

  • T.D. Wyatt

    No idea what the steelers are waiting for! I wouldn’t be surprised, if bell doesn’t play this year!

  • Jordan Hill

    I say signing Turner would be a good move. I really don’t understand why teams don’t even bother to sign these veterans like Turner or say TO to contracts with no guaranteed money and make them work for their incentives; maybe it’s more on the players just losing the want to do so, I’m not for sure. Although “The Burner” was nearly burnt out last season with the Falcons, he is worth the gamble for a team that has had so many injuries at RB like the Steelers.