Philadelphia Eagles: Back to basics

The Philadelphia Eagles struggled against the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday night. The game resulted in a loss for Philly, but most importantly revealed how the fundamental problems we thought were over for the Eagles still exist. The Eagles are still an explosive team, but had a hard time displaying that during the duration of the game.

Problems started early for Philadelphia, as quarterback Michael Vick threw an interception because he failed to look off the secondary. On the next drive he showed he still was one of the fastest running quarterbacks to play the game and ran for 61 yards which led to a touchdown reception by Jason Avant. Then on the next drive, a bad snap led to a fumble- turnovers proved costly in this contest.

The defense kept the Eagles in the game in the first half with an interception and two sacks. But soon, they too started to struggle with missed tackles. And for added measure, LeSean McCoy suffered from an injury in the second quarter but was able to walk off on his own.

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After the half, the Eagles’ offense tried to pick it back up. McCoy returned to the field and scored a 41-yard touchdown run early in the fourth. When it was time for the defense to stop Reid’s new Chiefs in their last drive, Kansas City kicked a field goal that put the game away. On the Eagles last potential drive, the offensive line allowed Vick to get knocked around and he got up slowly on more than one occasion.

The entire team has to pick it up on both sides of the ball fundamentally. Blocking, putting pressure on the quarterback, tackling, turnovers and even snapping the football need to be cleaned up. But it’s only week three and the Eagles still have a great chance of contending in their division after the Washington Redskins suffered another loss to the Detroit Lions and the New York Giants’ horrendous performance against the Carolina Panthers.

The Eagles are going to face the powerhouse Denver Broncos next week and have to show a nearly flawless performance to be able to compete or Peyton Manning and company will take advantage of their opportunities and run up the score.