Former Duke Blue Devil, Jon Scheyer, now part of the coaching staff

Jon Scheyer was the starting point guard for the Duke basketball team when they won the 2010 National Championship.  He was a great leader for the team and really knew how to run the offense.  Scheyer is the newest member of the Blue Devils’ coaching staff after Chris Collins left for Northwestern.

Collins was a reliable assistant coach for Mike Krzyzweski and will be hard to replace.  Collins was pretty much Coach Krzyzweski’s right hand man, and was the coach who talked to the reporters during game situations.  Collins will be missed especially in the first few years; he was a great coach and should do a great job at Northwestern.

Scheyer didn’t have a long career after Duke; only a few years playing in the D-league and in other countries.  Scheyer didn’t have the athleticism that was needed to play in the NBA and would have struggled defensively at the next level.  Duke is a great fit for him and he is doing what he is better at– coaching –rather than playing.  This was evident even while he was playing at Duke.

Scheyer will not be asked to step in for Collins in year one, but he does know this program and what Coach K will be looking for.  Scheyer knows the offense and what is expected on defense at Duke.  He will be a good addition to this coaching staff long term and will be able to come in day one and have an impact because he knows what is expected.  When it comes to running a team out on the court he can really help Quinn Cook and Tyler Thornton.Jon Scheyer

Scheyer will bring a point guard mentality to the program and someone who can teach the point guards how to run the team better on the court.  He can help out with shooting for all of the players and get everyone’s shooting percentage up.

The most important thing that Scheyer will bring is how to win on the court.  Being on the 2010 National Championship team will only help with the players respecting and listening to him.  If they listen, hopefully it will give them a certain know-how to win when they get to the Final Four.  This will also help him in recruiting–he can use his knowledge to show the high school players what it takes to win and this should only help Duke with recruits.

The troubles Scheyer will have, especially early, are his age and his experience level with coaching.  Scheyer will be brought along slowly because they have two other really good coaches on their staff, who will help out fill the spot that Collins left and they will be getting a more hands on experience while Scheyer learns the difference between playing and coaching.  The other issue he will be experiencing, at least for the first couple years, is his youth.  He is only a few years removed from Duke and this could be an issue with some of the players such as Thornton and Hairston who knew Scheyer as a player at Duke when they were getting recruited.

Scheyer will fit in well at Duke and will develop in to a great coach.  He has shown it while playing at Duke; he knows how to put players in the right situation.  He will have to learn the coaching game and how different it is, but both Scheyer and Duke will be a great fit together.