The Kansas City Chiefs are like a first job

Alex Smith (Photo credit: Ed Zurga/AP)

Alex Smith (Photo credit: Ed Zurga/AP)

Unless you were born with a silver spoon and you’ve managed to stay independently wealthy your entire life, you’ve had a first job. With zero work experience and probably at a young age, it most likely wasn’t anything glamorous. Stocking shelves, bussing tables, delivering newspapers, shoveling excrement, the list goes on. It wasn’t flashy but it served the purpose of teaching you how to navigate a work place as well as put a few bucks in your pocket.

It isn’t much but it’s all they have

The Kansas City Chiefs are like that first job. They don’t fit the contemporary definition of exciting in the NFL. Their offense has yet to score 30 points. The average casual fan can probably only name one player on their roster, Jamaal Charles. Nonetheless, they are one of the five remaining unbeaten teams in the NFL.

The Chiefs rank 17th in the league in total offense. In a league that has amended the rules to promote the passing game, the Chiefs rank 22nd in passing yards per game. Through four games they have only one offensive play that gained more than 40 yards. They don’t score a lot of points and they don’t make big plays on offense. Their ability to impress fans that want long bomb touchdowns is about as strong as how impressive that first job looked on a resume.

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They’ve got it where it counts

Kansas City does impress those fans that just care about the most important thing: the final score. While teams like the Eagles are making big plays in losing efforts, the Chiefs are quietly going about business. Their defense has made big plays that will never make it onto a highlight reel because they make it look routine. Kansas City leads the league in sacks, has a turnover margin of +10 and is third in the league in time of possession. While that first job wasn’t something to brag about in a lot of ways it did give you the money you needed to go to the movies in high school.

While no one is sure how far Kansas City can go with an offense that is lacking dazzle, like it’s debatable how far in life that high school job could have taken you if you had stuck with it, it’s much better than being broke. In the Chiefs’ case, this is much better than 2-14.

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