New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles a rivalry renewed


(Photo Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images)

This Sunday the New York Giants at (0-4) will take on the (1-3) Philadelphia Eagles. If the Eagles win this match they can be in first place in the division. For the Giants it is a must win situation again. If the Giants lose this game, any still hopeful players and fans might start to give up on them.

The Giants made a trade to acquire Carolina Panther LB Jon Beason.  Beason is a three time Pro Bowler, but has not been so healthy in the last few season. He even had microfracture knee surgery last October. He was replaced by Chase Blackburn in the starting lineup. The details of the trade have not been made public, and they still maybe negotiating it. However; pending a physical Jon Beason will likely be a Giant. He will join an under achieving linebacker group and a struggling defense. Jon Beason has an opportunity to resurrect his career and the Giants are hoping he does just that.

Even with the addition of Beason the Giants defense must find a way to pressure Michael Vick and stop LeSean McCoy. In Chip Kelly’s offense LeSean McCoy has flourished. The Eagles have the best running game in the league and McCoy has 468 yards on 78 attempts so far this season. Stopping McCoy will be a big part of the strategy on Sunday.

The other part of the Giants strategy has to be stopping Michael Vick. If the Giants do not get pressure on him, he will pass and run all over the Giants defense. Every team know that when you can pressure Vick and stop him from scrambling, he is prone to turnovers and mistakes. The Giants need to force turnovers and get their defense off the field quicker.

In order for the defense to not be over worked the offensive line must do a better job blocking. Eli Manning is being sacked way too much. He needs time to throw down field and find open receivers. The Giants can compete with the Eagles offense if they get protection for Eli. The Eagles have one of the worst defenses in the league, but if the Giants can’t block anyone the Eagle defense will have a good game. The offensive line’s performance will determine how well the Giants do in this game.

No matter how the game unfolds it is Philadelphia vs New York. These two teams have a rivalry going by to the 1930s and it has been one of the best rivalries in football. This game can go in any direction with these two team. It can be a classic that is talked about forever or a complete routing of one team. There will be emotions running high and physicality as well. In the end the Philadelphia Eagles are going to be the victors. If the Giants do not fix the offensive line problems the Eagles runaway with this one. Eagles win this one 34-17.

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