Evaluating the Los Angeles Clippers NBA 2K14 Player Ratings

NBA fans now have reason to be excited. Even though the season is one month away, the very popular NBA 2K franchise’s latest installment has just arrived, NBA 2K14. Being the 2K junkie I am, I cannot wait to begin playing. Let’s take a look at the NBA player ratings for the Los Angeles Clippers and see how accurate they are.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin running a pick and roll in 2K(photo credit pastapadre.com)

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin running a pick and roll in 2K(photo credit pastapadre.com)

Chris Paul, PG, 93 Overall:

Maybe this had something to do with the fact that LeBron James was involved in the creation of the game, but please; a 93 for the guy who is the best point guard in the league and arguably the second best player in the league? His inside the arc offensive rating is a B-…… Uhhhhhh, have you ever seen his array of finishing moves, floaters and off the dribble jumpers?

From the outside he’s got an A-, but honestly I feel he is more effective scorer when inside the arc. I feel Paul is at least a 95, come on 2K, if he’s a 93 I’m afraid to look at some of these other ratings.

Blake Griffin, PF, 84 Overall:

Okay this one makes a lot more sense, more specifically the B he received for post defense. We all know Griffin’s inability to compete with elite physical post players. Inside he’s a B, which could be higher. One rating which could be lower is his IQ, which is a B+. If anyone has watched Clippers games recently, they will notice Griffin has become more tentative in pick and roll situations and has settled for dumb 18ft jump shots. That’s not smart basketball. He takes stupid chances on defense and when we think about high IQ guys on the Clippers, he’s not on the shortlist. Overall, the 84 overall rating is pretty appropriate.

Jamal Crawford, SG, 80 Overall:

Jamal Crawford from 2K (photo credit moddingway.com)

Jamal Crawford from 2K (photo credit moddingway.com)

Everything about his rating is great, except for his ball handling, which is rated as a B. Jamal Crawford is one of the best off the dribble shooters in the league and in my mind a top 5 ball handler. Crawford is known as a gym rat who spends hours working on his handling and off the dribble moves. This guy should be an A+ in ball handling, but the rest of the rating is appropriate.

Darren Collison, PG, 79 Overall:

No qualms with this rating. A- from the outside shooting, C from inside, and A- ball handling are all accurate. Scary good rating for a backup point guard, there is a reason I think they are the best one-two tandem PG tandem in the league.

Matt Barnes, SF, 75 Overall:

Barnes is a 75 overall. What  he is not is a B- outside shooter. I had the pleasure of watching him shoot in pre game and watched him hit 15 straight followed by 10 straight a couple of times. Other than the 3pt shot, it’s fine.

Notables: Jared Dudley 72, Byron Mullens 68, Reggie Bullock 64

While this game caries little relevance to on court happenings, NBA 2K is an incredibly important part of basketball culture and continues to grow. Everyone pick up a copy and enjoy.