Atlanta Falcons: One last shred of optimism

On Wednesday the Atlanta Falcons signed free agent WR Brian Robiskie to help fill in the gap left by the departure of WR Julio Jones, who is out for the season with a foot injury.

Robiskie has four years experience with the Cleveland Browns (2009 – 2010), Jacksonville Jaguars (2011), and Detroit Lions (2012). His most prominent season was with the Browns in 2010 where he averaged 10.1 yards a catch. He’s no Julio Jones and no one is really, Jones is one of a kind, but he’ll suffice with his 6-foot-3 and 209-pound frame compared to Jones’ 6-foot-3 and 220-pound one. They’re almost a match in size, if nothing else.

The Falcons new big TE will have more opportunities to display his talent.

The Falcons new big TE will have more opportunities to display his talent.

This is a good thing because Harry Douglas is a big threat down the field but defensive backs won’t back off of him because he stands at 6-0 and 183 pounds. They’ll attempt to lay big hits on him and attack him in the same manner as Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson and the Falcons can’t afford another loss at wide receiver. Still, Douglas is a big threat whenever he gets his hands on the ball you expect a big play. He’s averaging 13.6 yards a catch already. Fans have been waiting for Douglas’ chance to shine and now he has it.

Rookie TE Levine Toilolo and veterans Drew Davis and Kevin Cone are definitely going to see more playing time. Davis caught a 15-yard touchdown pass from Matt Ryan last year against the Eagles, Kevin Cone stepped up against the Jets and caught a 12-yard pass in the fourth quarter, and Levine Toilolo is a 6-foot-8 and 225-pound talented stud. The rookie from Stanford has already proven himself by receiving two touchdowns in the small amount of time he’s played. If he’s that size, he’ll definitely be a mismatch for teams down the road.

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Also on a side note, Terry Robiskie, the Falcons wide receiver coach and assistant head coach, is Brian Robiskie’s father, so we are ensured that Robiskie will fit into the wideout program that his father has built.

So there you have it, after the news of the loss of Julio Jones, general manager, Thomas Dimitroff, came in to save the day (once again) to keep everyone from throwing the towel in on the Atlanta Falcons’ season.

  • disqus_Z0EZoegjL2

    They need to shore up that D!!!!! The offense has really done OK for the most part.

    • Ryno Lascavio

      Not really. The O-line has been a big problem all year. Unless we are behind and our opponent has the “prevent defense” on, our offensive line has folded even under normal pressure. I blame this on the GM. Anybody who knows Ryan at all can tell that he is most effective when he has time to throw and He is below average when he is flushed from the pocket. Offensive line should have been the ONLY thing addressed in the offensive side of the ball in the off-season. Also, all those picks we gave up to get Julio are evident by our below average back-ups.


    All you can do is hope Steven Jackson’s healthy and make the most out of the weapons you have. You hope the defense get’s better and Matt Ryan continues to play at a high level. Beat Tampa Bay and try to build off that.

  • Kip Light

    Appreciate the positive attitude. Too many fair weather fans out there throwing in the towel already. The Falcons are no where near out of it! Looking forward to seeing the “kids” get a chance to step up. Can you imagine what a story it would be if they managed to sneak into the playoffs and then go all the way?

    • sixpac

      That’s what they call a fairy tale!

      • Kip Light

        If you’re gonna dream, dream big.

        • James

          Atlanta Falcons are soft like the people who lived in Atlanta, now. They are not playing at the same tempo as of last year and the fair weather fan are acting liked they already won a Super Bowl. The Defense has no toughness or a leader. Defense wins Super Bowl ,don’ t listen to the NFL Press machine. Flag football have to play defense, rush, tackle, cover, oh yeah communicate. The Falcons are built for a wide open pass attack with a limited running game. Micheal Turner was blame for the running game in 2012 but they have no running game in 2013. I think his name was Clabo #77, Mr. ATTITUDE OF THE O- LINE, he’ gone and now the o-linemen has no leader or leaders. Coach Smith has more attitude about the game than the players. Coach, who are the 2013 Atlanta Falcons ? Look in their eyes, they have no fire as a team they are still living in 2012.