Fantasy Football: The return of Gronk

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Week 6 was his target date to return to playing and it looks clear that Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski will be stepping on the field this week against the New Orleans Saints.

Gronk can be just what your fantasy team needs, as he has put up huge numbers in the past before he went down with a forearm injury. Last season, Gronkowski had 55 receptions and 11 touchdowns in just 11 games.

Now Gronk will not be playing alongside of Aaron Hernandez, which will likely increase his targets. Tight End Zach Sudfeld, who recently was released and subsequently signed by the New York Jets, did not see many targets from quarterback Tom Brady. However, the Patriot signal caller threw to Gronk multiple times per game last season, and with his 6-foot-6 frame is a great target in the redzone.

Gronk was selected anywhere from the 4th to 7th round in most fantasy football drafts. For some teams, he is their savior to salvage the season. If you selected Gronk, most likely you have picked up a tight end or drafted one in the later rounds.

Tight ends such as Marcellus Bennett, Julian Thomas, and Jordan Cameron have had amazing seasons. These late selection and waiver wire pickups have guided you to victory, but now you are faced with a difficult decision. Start Gronk and bench your productive tight end, or the more likely choice: make a trade. Here are some trades involving Gronkowski you could make to better your squad.

rob gronkowskiGronkowski and Phillip Rivers for Demaryius Thomas

Gronkowski for Knowshon Moreno

Gronkowski and Joique Bell for LeSean McCoy

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Gronk opens up the middle of the field in the Patriots aerial attack and it makes teams use their outside linebackers to cover the tight ends. Gronkowski’s return will not only help his own cause but will help Patriots receivers get open. Look for Danny Amedola to increase his production as Gronk could draw the double team.

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