Golden State Warriors head to China

On Tuesday, October 15th, the Warriors will play the first of two games against the Los Angeles Lakers in China. They will then play the

Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson in China promoting the NBA preseason games in China.

second of the two games three days later, on Friday, October 18th.

The Warriors arrived in Beijing Saturday and will hold one practice on Sunday in preparation for the two games.

The Warriors and the Lakers have already played a preseason game this season which resulted in a 104-95 Laker win without Kobe Bryant. This game might give the international viewers an idea of what is to come in the two games that they will be able to watch in person this week.

Klay Thompson was the star for the Warriors in that game, scoring 26 points in 38 minutes in a losing effort.

Xavier Henry led the Lakers with 29 points, seven rebounds, and two steals.

Although Kobe will still be unavailable this week in China, he is still making the trip with the team as he is one of the most popular athletes in China and it could be a chance to grow his brand.

The Warriors are one of 12 teams in the NBA who were chosen to play international games during the preseason in an effort to grow the NBA’s brand in China where the league is already popular. Bringing games to the international country can only help in springboarding the NBA’s popularity in China and it’s 1.3 billion population.

Warriors Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes have both already been to China this offseason in an attempt to promote the games that they will be playing in China this week.