Minnesota Vikings: Win or fire up the trade talks

This week is a must win for the Minnesota Vikings. At 1-4, the Vikings are sitting in last place in the NFC North, trailing the Green Bay Packers by three games. A loss to the winless Giants tomorrow night means only one thing: let the trade talks begin.

Trades are rare in the NFL, but The Vikings have a few players that are of high trade value to some potential contending teams. Defensive end Jared Allen and quarterback Christian Ponder are two guys that would be beneficial trading blocks for the Vikings in the coming weeks.

Allen is an unrestricted free agent next season and will almost certainly leave the Vikings if they fail to make the playoffs. Come the trade deadline, teams that have a chance to make the playoffs and are in need of a good defensive end could look to the Vikings and Allen.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings could look to trade defensive end Jared Allen for help in the secondary.
(Photo Credit: AP/Genevieve Ross)

In return, the Vikings could look for help in the secondary. Injuries coped with poor play have hurt the Vikings all season in the secondary. The latest injury coming to safety Harrison Smith who is out for a significant amount of time. This is the area where Minnesota needs most of its help and Allen is worth a good safety or cornerback.

The Vikings have four quarterbacks on their roster. This means that somebody has to go. Ponder has the most value because of his age and mobility, and the Vikings should look to trade Ponder to teams that need quarterback help. Teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns could all be interested in sending over a mid to late round draft pick for Ponder.

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I still believe that Ponder could have a fighting chance to succeed in the NFL, but the Vikings are only peddling away his career by holding on to him any longer. The worst thing to do would be to release him, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did with Josh Freeman. Ā Ponder still has some value and there are a lot of teams out there that have no depth at the quarterback position.

Don’t be surprised if the Vikings trade Allen even if they turn their season around. The defensive line will still be solid without him. Moving Allen would honestly be a good option for the Vikings either way. The play of the secondary has been the Vikings biggest problem all season and it will not be getting any better with Smith heading to the IR.

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  • Rich Francis

    Hey I didn’t think I would be for it But Its the final year of Allen contract and if we can get a a cornerback or a MLB with Draft pick that’s great. Honestly Because if you said Jared is Impressive I say shut up!!!! He had to a person and sacked Eli. First Off Giants Stink. Left offensive tackle Beatty stinks and he sacked Manning If he did it to Payton I would say respect but no. We made the Playoff last year do you have you seen in scene where Jared halfs it on the field I have he is not true like he was last year. No one thought we would get rid of Justin Mourneau I think its time to clean the poison on the team.

  • Vikings fan1972

    Are you kidding? Trade Allen and see what we can Pick up? How about fire the coach and keep the talent we do have. Is this column written by someone who knows about football or just someone who tracks rumors?

  • Eric Gass

    ponder will end up in Jacksonville or st lewis

  • jeff

    Freeman, Cassel, Ponder, Thompson. Our 4 qbs.

  • Alek Lexvold

    The would be riots in the streets if they tried to trade off Allen, and i for one dont want my house burned down, but i will do what i must if thats what they try to do šŸ˜›

  • Dale Ailes

    Is this guy counting Joe Webb as the fourth quarterback because MBT last I checked was claimed by the 49ers

  • Michael

    Beat writer? This is some clown sitting in moms basement in his underwear.

    Trade Jared Allen? What team would want his 15 million price tag? lol, what a moron.

  • Jerry

    Tired of all these beat writers confusing the real world with their fantasy league. Shut up already, please!