Bradford out, Clemens in.How will the St. Louis Rams fare?

Photo by Vernon Bryant/ Dallas Morning Star

Photo by Vernon Bryant/ Dallas Morning Star

St. Louis Rams fans need to brace for the worst if they haven’t already. You can expect by seasons end the Rams will find themselves picking in the top 10 of the upcoming draft after they lost starting quarterback Sam Bradford to an ACL injury. Bradford was having a solid season before he got injured against the Carolina Panthers this past Sunday. He had completed a little of 60% of his passes for 1,687 yards and thrown 14 touchdown passes and 4 interceptions.

Although the Rams have a 3-4 record, Bradford gave them the best opportunity to win. If Bradford’s weapons played to their potential the Rams could easily be a 5-2 team. Now the Rams have scrambled to find a long term replacement to lead the team. Kellen Clemens did a decent job a couple seasons ago when the Rams had no options left at the QB position. Clemens does have some familiarity with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer as he was the starting quarterback at one point when they were together with the New York Jets. Clemens resume though is not pretty as he has only thrown for 2,290 yards with 7 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

The St. Louis Rams were looking to add some depth to the quarterback position and signed former first round pick Brady Quinn and former third string back up Austin Davis Tuesday. Davis has shown some potential during the past two preseasons. He would have most likely made the roster if the Rams would have gone to 3 deep at the position.

Quinn had a phenomenal career as the Notre Dame quarterback, but was never able to recapture the magic at the professional level. He has floated around from team to team as a backup sometimes even the third string quarterback.

The Rams this season have been a team of inconsistency, now they will have to deal with an inconsistent starter at quarterback. It is highly likely that if Clemens begins to struggle they will pull the plug on him quickly and replace him with someone else.

The Rams had other options to sign at quarterback like Vince Young and Tim Tebow, but for someone to come midway into the season with no familiarity to the offense, they will have had minimal success. The Rams will have a big decision to make at seasons end depending on where they land in the draft.

They have constantly stuck behind Bradford as their future, but with a deep quarterback draft coming up they may have to think twice about it. Bradford will work hard to come back and reclaim his starting position, but if the temptation is too strong the Rams might bite on a shiny new toy.

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