New York Giants: Defense coming alive?

The New York Giants are no longer winless on the season after beating the Minnesota Vikings on Monday 23-7.

So many things that have gone wrong for the Giants finally went right on Monday. Eli Manning had no turnovers in the game on Monday, and more importantly the Giants’ defense showed up to play. The defense for the Giants had their best game of the season on Monday night. This does not mean that the Giants will turn it around, but this win is a good one to build off of. The fact that the Giants’ defense played better is something to cheer about.

The final score may say 23-7, but the Giants’ defense pitched a shutout. The Vikings only scored on a punt return, and had no other form of offense the entire game. Josh Freeman looked as uncomfortable as one could be in the pocket. Now that could be because he did not know the playbook, but the Giants forced some very bad throws with their pressure. The Giants even got one sack in the game, which is a rare occurrence this season.

With the pressure the defense brought they were able to keep Adrian Peterson in check all game. Peterson was held to only 28 yards for the entire game. That is a pretty hard thing to do against one of the best running backs in the NFL, and the reigning NFL MVP. The Giants have struggled with stopping the run, and this game was a big improvement.

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Other bright spots for the Giants include Jon Beason’s effectiveness at the middle linebacker position. He has performed well as a Giant so far, drawing praise from his coaches and teammates. Also, the Giants were able to force turnovers on defense and special teams. Antrel Rolle had an interception, and the special teams unit recovered two fumbles.

This win has lots of positives for the Giants to build on, and it gives them momentum going into next Sunday’s game against the Eagles. The Giants defense will have to have a repeat performance in order to win next Sunday. LeSean McCoy was tough for the Giants to stop before, but if they can stop him like they stopped Peterson, they have a better chance to beat the Eagles.

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