Chicago Bears: Drama in Chicago

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler

Cutler is out 4-6 weeks, leaving Bears fans in a state of panic

The Chicago Bears‘ worst nightmare has come true.

Quarterback Jay Cutler and linebacker Lance Briggs were injured in Sunday’s game against the Washington Redskins, and cornerback and ball-hawker Charles Tillman re-injured his right knee he tweaked earlier in the season. While the Tillman injury may not be significant, as we do not know what his status is yet, it all gives credence to the common belief bad things happen in threes.

Chicago Bears’ season reads like a novel

Really, you ask? Hear me out. Cutler is out 4-6 weeks. Briggs will miss at least six weeks with a shoulder injury that will not require surgery. Tillman re-injured his knee but we are not sure of his status moving forward, so it is scary to think about him being out for even a game.

Backup corner Zack Bowman is not the man who can carry the Bears in that position if Tillman is out. Going back to the Rule of Three mentioned earlier, in rhetoric, it’s known as the “three act structure” ¬†and it is used to separate stages of a book or movie.

The first act sets up the story and introduces some sort of conflict (the multiple injuries to which the Bears have succumbed). In the second act, the main characters (the Bears, in this case) attempt to overcome the problem, but find themselves in a bigger predicament and must find out what skills they have in order to beat the issue at hand. The third act is the climax and it answers most if not all of the questions. The Bears are currently in the second act.

With Cutler out for a while, the Bears have turned to Josh McCown to lead the team. McCown came out very strong on Sunday and impressed. Granted, he will not be going up against the Redskins’ defense the rest of the season. However, he gave something the Bears, and main characters who are facing a conflict, need — hope.

Backup linebacker Jonathan Bostic, who is replacing Briggs, has not impressed so far. Yes, his first start was last week and he already sees the mistakes he made, but he has to pick up his game if the Bears want to beat the Green Bay Packers November 4th.

Briggs will still be there to help him, which is nice, and Bostic will grow in his role as it will take time to adjust. The problem lies in the ‘time’ aspect. The Bears do not have the luxury of time. They are in the thick of things, and cannot settle any longer for how their defense has performed lately as a whole. This pivotal stretch of football includes tilts with the Packers, the Detroit Lions and the Baltimore Ravens. Those three games will determine if the Bears have any life left, and will bring them closer to the all-important third act.

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Many questions surround this Bears team. Can they weather the storm of injuries and misfortunes? Can they look within themselves and find the courage and strength to overcome the odds? These questions among others will be answered over the course of the rest of the season.

Grab your popcorn and a front row seat, this is about to get good.

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  • Thompson Way

    Tucker needs to get creative and start running a modified 4-3, and stop sitting in that tampa 2 look all the time. Heck, I know what the defense is doing pre-snap. No one is getting to the QB, so you will have to play man, and less zone. Tucker must know why people are calling for his head. It is not because of injuries, but because we what some other flavor.