VCU Basketball: FSU’s Terrance Shannon transfers to VCU

Florida State’s Terrance Shannon has decided to transfer to VCU for his last year of college basketball eligibility. The 6-foot-8 forward is great under the basket and thrives on defense. Shannon averaged 7.9 points per game and 5.6 rebounds in his last season with the Seminoles.

Terrance Shannon: Florida State V. Virginia Tech (photo credit: Getty Images)

Terrance Shannon: Florida State V. Virginia Tech (photo credit: Getty Images)

Shannon’s transfer first looked to be a huge gain for VCU and not a serious loss for Florida State. “First” is an important word in that statement because Florida State was hoping to land ESPN’s #1 player in their top 100 pick, Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins later signed with Kansas, not taking the spot that Shannon left open for him.

The Rams are ecstatic to welcome Shannon as he performed well in their team-on-team scrimmage earlier this month. Seniors Juvonte Reddic and Rob Brandenberg look to have good chemistry with Shannon on the court which is imperative being that they are VCU’s star senior veterans.

Shannon scored 16 points in the scrimmage and looks to be a great fit with Shaka’s HAVOC plays on the court. Florida State coach, Leonard Hamilton himself, has stated that Shannon created havoc on the court. Who would have thought that Shannon would end up creating that havoc for Shaka Smart?

Terrance Shannon (photo credit: Joshua S. Kelly USA Today Sports)

Terrance Shannon (photo credit: Joshua S. Kelly USA Today Sports)

During his last two seasons with the Seminoles, Shannon played in fewer games than expected after he suffered two injuries. First, he was out due to shoulder surgery, which ended with him missing all but 7 games that season.

Then in the 2012-2013 season he collided heads with a Virginia Cavaliers player and suffered from a neck sprain as a result of that collision. While Shannon was out, the Seminoles showed they took a hit with one of their best players out.


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This must excite VCU because it showed how much he contributed to the team. Although Shannon appears to be injury prone, he still managed to be one of Florida State’s top scorers and one of their top re-bounders in the games that he did play. With injury and Florida in his past Shannon is fired up and stronger than ever, ready to play for Shaka Smart.

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