Seattle Seahawks refusing to get complacent

A 6-1 record and a favorable schedule the rest of the way might make other pro football teams fall into the complacency trap. The Seattle Seahawks, however, are refusing to let that happen.

As Russell Wilson said after the game to the Thursday Night Football crew on NFL Network, “We just want to take it one game at a time.”

It seems to be a mantra for the entire Seahawks squad, with coach Pete Carroll preaching “1-0 mentality” and Richard Sherman saying last week’s win to become 6-1 is “just an opportunity to become 7-1” next game.

Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman (Photo credit: sports

The Seahawks seem to understand and appreciate how long and grueling a 16-game NFL season can be for teams. Their commitment and intense practice week in and week out have earned them such a strong start as well as huge praise from NFL insiders. Analysts like Herm Edwards, Steve Mariucci, Kurt Warner, and Bill Polian have all recently come out saying that the Seahawks are at least the best team in the NFC, with some going so far as to say they are the team to win it all. I echo that kind of praise.

But instead of letting all this praise and attention inflate their collective ego, the Seahawks just keep on marching to the beat of their 1-0 mentality drum. It’s an excellent sign to see, and fans can see this in virtually any Seahawks player or coach interview. It’s as if the entire Seahawks franchise has injected itself with an anti-complacency vaccine, and it seems to be working splendidly.

I’m not sure how the Seahawks can do it, because the way I see it, the Seahawks look unbeatable in every facet of the game.

Seattle’s secondary is the best in the NFL, and their tremendous defensive line depth makes it impossible for offensive blocking schemes to limit the threat of a sack on every play. On offense, Marshawn Lynch’s “beast mode” keeps moving the chains and chewing the clock, and Russell Wilson’s abilities in tandem with his many receiver weapons rack up points. Even kicker Steven Hauschka is lights out (except when he tries to make tackles on special teams. Remember that Titans game?). It’s extremely difficult for any NFL analyst, fan, etc. to sit and bet against the Seahawks right now, unless of course you’re a fan of the Broncos or Chiefs.

In any event, the tremendous success the Seahawks have had thus far almost warrant complacency. But the Seahawks are thankfully smarter than that.