Joakim Noah’s injury woes starting early

Please? Pretty please, just this once, could the Chicago Bulls have a season of good health? Just to see what this group is capable of?

Joakim Noah hobbled in the 2011 series against the Miami Heat.

Derrick Rose in and out of the lineup all year in the lockout season, before “it” happened in the first game of the playoffs. Towards the end of the Philadelphia 76ers series, Noah badly sprained an ankle that kept him out of the last few games and hindered his offseason workouts.

Derrick Rose’s knee, Joakim Noah’s feet, Luol Deng’s wrist as well as ending up the hospital in the playoffs last season.

"How's your wrist?...Good, how's your foot?...Good, how's your spine?...Good, how's your groin?..." (Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune)

“How’s your wrist?…Good, how’s your foot?…Good, how’s your spine?…Good, how’s your groin?…” (Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune)

And now, already, Joakim Noah is questionable for the season opener against Miami with an injured groin. Noah always seems to pick up nagging injuries that linger all year; plantar fasciitis last season and now a groin injury this preseason.

In no way am I criticizing Noah,  of course he can’t control picking up these injuries. I’m just letting out some frustration.

Rose is back and looks to be his old self (yes, my predictions of a not-as-good Rose don’t look too good right now) and the Bulls finally have a backcourt partner for Rose in Jimmy Butler. Add that to the formidable front line and the Bulls are a legitimate title contender…

…that is, health willing. Which always seems to be the problem.

Good fortune always plays a role in a team winning a championship. The Bulls organization, from the management to coaches to players, have given it their all these past few seasons to win one. Injuries have just consistently derailed their efforts.

The season hasn’t even started yet, and I’m already concerned about Noah possible missing a chunk of the season to get his groin fully healed up, or the problem lingering all year as he tries to play through it.

If he plays on Tuesday against the Miami Heat and shows no ill effects? Well, I guess I’m eating crow.

But after these last few seasons, can you blame me for worrying?