Miami Heat lose to Nets again

The Miami Heat got beat by the Brooklyn Nets again last night during preseason play. Deron Williams made his preseason debut for the Nets and put up 11 points and Alan Anderson scored 17 points to help the Nets win 108-87. I wasn’t surprised at all by the outcome of this game considering LeBron James and Chris Bosh didn’t play. It’s been a reoccurring theme for Miami to rest players throughout the preseason. Dwyane Wade sits out every other game and LeBron has done the same these past few games. I’m glad Miami is resting up. They have a big season ahead of them. This season most likely will be the toughest for them considering they’re on a quest for a 3-peat and the “Big 3” could possibly end due to contracts ending.

Overall Miami played solid against the Nets. Udonis Haslem led the Heat with his 16 point performance shooting 8 for 9 from the field. Dwyane Wade suited up this game and scored eight points and added three assist. Mario Chalmers played well scoring 12 points shooting 6 for 7 from the field and having six assists. Other good performances for the Heat were Ray Allen with 12 points and Michael Beasley with 11 points. 1hT7hK_Em_56

One thing I like about the Heat is the strength the bench has shown throughout the preseason. We all know that LeBron and Wade will put up numbers consistently. Chris Bosh is slowly proving that he will be more of an impact by his preseason play so hopefully he won’t be a mystery this season. Mario Chalmers is continuing to show that he can assist and make good decisions. Udonis Haslem has proven that he can put up numbers, grab rebounds, and bring energy when he’s on the court. Ray Allen and Shane Battier still can shoot with no problem despite their age and young players like Norris Cole and Roger Mason Jr. have proven that they can bring positive energy to the game. Chris Andersen and Michael Beasley will also be good bench players with the energy and style of play they bring. Greg Oden is still a toss-up but with his debut he made last game with his dunk gives Heat fans hope and opponents fear.

Overall, the Heat had a good preseason. They ended it with a 5-3 record and verified that they are the top team in the league. This season will be very exciting. The Heat opens the season up against the Chicago Bulls October 29th, at 8:00 p.m. on TNT. This game will be a good way to start the season. With the Bulls getting their star player back Derrick Rose who had a great preseason, this game should be intense. The Heat will be raising the franchises third NBA championship banner before the game which should set the tone. The Bulls always play the Heat hard and want to claim the Eastern conference. I believe the Heat can get the job done this season. They have the key components to win; a great team owner, a good young coach, experienced players, and the desire to win.