Atlanta Falcons: Tony Gonzalez is not going anywhere

There’s been a lot of speculations about Tony Gonzalez leaving the Atlanta Falcons ever since Julio Jones was confirmed to be out for the season with a foot injury.

When Jones was ruled out for the season the next two days were filled with rumors and NFL experts advising that Gonzalez should be traded in return for draft picks; he responded, “I’m not going anywhere. But I understand where the trade rumors are coming from.”

The trade rumors went away and stayed away until the Falcons lost to the Arizona Cardinals. To say the least this is nothing but fans and other individuals hitting the panic button. Today, Coach Mike Smith confirmed that Gonzalez is staying in Atlanta my friends.Tony Gonzalez

During the offseason, fans were celebrating Gonzalez’s return to the team and that’s understandable, he’s an NFL Legend and future Hall of Famer. He’s the best tight end in the history of the NFL, doesn’t play like 37-year-old veteran, and don’t forget to mention he’s QB Matt Ryan’s most trusted target.

Also keep in mind that many players have been lost including Ryan’s most dangerous threats down field (WR Roddy White and WR Julio Jones), and other players and that has tremendously affected the team in a negative way. No team in the league is prepared to lose as many players as the Falcons have lost, and also in no way will one trade make up for a banged up offensive and defensive line, linebackers, secondary and running backs. So, trading for a wide receiver or some draft picks next year won’t solve any problems. Ryan has bonded and connected with Gonzalez and they understand each other; no wide receiver will build that connection within a week.

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Also to trade for some picks next year won’t solve any problems at all. Trading for next years’ team won’t help what needs to be saved and that’s the 2013 Atlanta Falcons. And the problem is that the team is heavily injured in all the wrong areas (not that any area is right), and the coaches are not utilizing the next talented players up in the right way.

If the Falcons were to lose Tony Gonzalez that would be the WRONG thing to do and besides, when is the last time the Falcons made a trade in the middle of the season before the trade deadline anyway?

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