Indianapolis Colts fans: have patience with Trent Richardson

I was expecting to write a roster update on the Indianapolis Colts‘ recent moves (Xavier Nixon to the practice squad, Wesley Saunders and Griff Whalen to the 53-man roster) but something else caught my eye.

Have patience with second year running back Trent Richardson (Photo credit: AP Photo/Greg Trott)

Have patience with second year running back Trent Richardson (Photo credit: AP Photo/Greg Trott)

The fact that Cleveland Browns fans, Colts fans, and ‘experts’ are already calling the Trent Richardson trade a win for the Browns and a bust for the Colts.


How can you already make an assessment on a second year player who was on a crappy team with a crappy quarterback and a mediocre offensive line, who got traded to a team mid-season and had to play the 49ers’ defense and Seahawks’ defense while still learning the offense, not to mention the stinker the rest of the team produced in San Diego?

By the way, the Browns only started winning games after the trade, once they made the switch to Brian Hoyer at the quarterback position; someone Richardson didn’t play with. He did, however, play with Brandon Weeden: the man who took over the position, again, once Hoyer went down, and lost the job almost immediately because of his atrocious play.

Sure the Browns could benefit from this even if Richardson ends up being the stud people thought he’d be, coming out of college, and that’s good for them. They are a rebuilding franchise with new ownership that didn’t see Richardson in their future.

This is the same management, however, that put Josh Gordon on the trade block (as much as they deny it). Gordon has been extremely productive in a Browns uniform and is the only viable option at receiver for them.

Richardson is only in his second year and nobody was complaining about his talents till he was traded. WAIT. IT. OUT.

I’m not saying he will be a great back, I’m not saying he will bust. I am saying wait

Marshawn Lynch took longer to develop than Richardson has been playing.  He also had a mediocre year when he was first traded to the Seahawks (Photo credit: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Marshawn Lynch took longer to develop than Richardson has been playing. He also had a mediocre year when he was first traded to the Seahawks (Photo credit: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

and see. He hasn’t had time to settle into the offense and let his instincts take over, yet. Not to mention the offensive line isn’t stellar itself.

And the fact that, whenever Richardson is in the game, offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton basically calls the opposing defense and tells them they’re about to run the ball up the middle, doesn’t help matters any. The offense has to adapt to him as much as he has to adapt to the offense.

How about we take a look at another running back that was a former first rounder who got traded mid-season? You may know him as the Seattle Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch, a.k.a. Beast mode.

He got traded to the Seahawks after spending 4 games with the Bills in 2010. And in those remaining 12 games with Seattle, Lynch averaged 3.5 yards a carry and had 573 rushing yards (which would amount to roughly 700 yards if he’d played all 16 games there). He’s a bust!

Oh wait, he’s considered one of the best running backs in the league. And to be honest Richardson is pretty comparable to Lynch in the way he runs. He is a powerful back that isn’t afraid of contact.

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So instead of over-reacting after 5 GAMES, how about we all settle down a bit and use our noggins? The media over-reactions these days are ridiculous. Level heads are harder to come by and I just hope I got through enough so that you help enlarge that number of logical thinkers. And make sure to have patience, as building a monster takes time. Go Colts!

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  • truecoltfan

    Great article. Trent’s played less nfl games then years of life. He has been on 2 teams with bad run linemen. Trent ICED Seattle. Has nice hands. Great blocker. An shows bursts and breaks tackles or makes defenders miss completely while being a power back. He makes the d load up the box creating an open field for luck on play action. Now pep needs to put trich in better positions to have success with formations and play calling. Its so obvious when T comes in… run up the middle against a loaded box an just like the article says he is 2nd in broken tackles. GIVE HIM TIME. First colts won the trade now the brown’s … can’t both teams make out positively or negatively? Sometimes there are no clear cut winners but I like what I’ve seen especially if an o line around him that blocks well during running plays

  • ugoej ha

    brother, EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUES , first everyone was saying how the Colts WON in the trade, and now that it looks the opposite you have to come out with this trash? Trent is a bust hands down and is actually hurting the colts.

    • Faraz

      I personally didn’t say either way when the trade happened. I was in wait and see mode then as I am now.

      If your opinion of trash is valid arguments using logic and past examples similar to the situation so be it.

      If we were labeling busts 5 games into a trade and 1 1/2 years into careers people like Drew Brees and Marshawn Lynch would be ‘busts’.

    • truecoltfan

      You simply are a fantasy football critic. You obtain no knowledge of real football. Go fix your line up for this week instead of commenting on REAL football

  • Cash

    He might need more time, but for now he is killing my fantasy team

  • Mike S.

    I agree however you dissed the O-line when according to the Colts O-line are ranked 7TH in the NFL for rushing. Whats not “Stellar” about that? I live in AZ and have bees a Colts fan since 1958.

    • Faraz

      It may just be the play calling when Richardson is in but when he gets the handoff he’s instantly met with multiple defenders. Also, I don’t remember the exact stat, but he is second in broken tackles for the past two years (it may just be for this year) behind only marshawn lynch. That means he’s having to dodge a lot of tackles before even reaching the line of scrimmage.

      A lot of our yards have come from qb scrambles and HB delays which doesn’t require as much run blocking as a normal run play.

      I won’t say they’ve been bad this year cause the line has definitely had some good blocking days but it’s definitely not been great. And it would say it’s been bad when Richardson is in the game which could be because of play calling or comfort level.

  • Shane Grisham

    I’m a Colts fan, too and also believe he needs time to develop, be that Beast or bust. However, being an Indiana resident, as well, the only thing I differ on, is Indiana being the greatest state in the nation – the weather’s crazy and I’m tired of “Old Man Winter”!! LOL
    Great article!

  • Jonathan

    This instant gratification attitude that has taken over our culture has hurt a lot of rookies and developing players. Whatever happened to giving a player at least three years before seeing if they show any promise? (which richardson has shown promise in his first year and a half) Shoot it takes most college players a couple of years to develop from high school. And yet we expect rookies and second year players to jump into the nfl and play like veterans. The simple fact is that not everyone can do that, and just because some are doesn’t mean it will be that way for everyone.

  • coltsfan

    I agree…give him time to adapt.